Niche or Mass Market [help needed please]

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    May 17, 2011
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    Let?s keep it short I recently made a sub-domain from my mass market website which is not an article/blog website ? the original plan was to go mass market/non niche with this sub domain however I?m doing told to select a niche now if I pick a niche I will be drifting away from my current project (original domain) I?ve been working on 6-8 months

    What is your suggestion should I go for the niche market and lose scope of my original domain by putting my time into a niche writing/outsourcing articles or should I do what I originally thought and use my blog page as a part time thing whereby I post here and there to the topic areas I know for sure will get a healthy amount of traffic which is suppose to re-direct the article viewers onto the main website

    Opinions needed ? thank you

    p.s when I say mass market I mean every category such as technology, health, education/reference, news/events etc compared to just the single focus on the niche