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Niche Marketing: Payday Loans

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by vistacmarketing, Apr 16, 2009.

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    Aug 12, 2008
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    The National Bureau of Economic Research has ruled that we are in fact in a deep recession. We have all witnessed the economic turmoil that has not only affected the United States, but the whole world in general. Banks are closing, mortgage rates continue to decline, and nearly three million jobs have been lost. More and more people are cutting down their spending and saving more money. The number of people turning to payday loans has dramatically increased recently because of this current economic disaster.

    affiliate program offers you to take advantage of the present crisis to earn more from your financial niche websites. Are you an experienced online marketer looking for a great affiliate program with exceptional payouts? Do you have a payday loans or cash advances related website with established traffic you are interested in selling? T3leads is actively seeking to acquire high-quality, established sites. T3leads is the highest ranked program on the web.

    T3leads affiliate network has streamlined the affiliate process so you can spend more time attracting business and less time worrying about your account - that's what makes us a recognized leader in the industry. Here's how our process works:

    1. Sign up for our affiliate program using our online application form.

    2. Once approved, send targeted payday loan traffic to our optimized public websites or place integrated application page on your website. If you still don?t have a website, you will be able to create one using our simple private websites scripts.

    3. Track your commissions with our real-time tracking program.

    4. Receive a biweekly payment for your commissions.

    Become a member of our Affiliate Program, and offer your visitors a guaranteed cash advance of up to $1500. Join the T3leads affiliate program and earn up between $5-50 for each qualified application submitted from your site! We offer you 1:8 conversion rates for your payday loan traffic.

    You can link to our money-maker websites with a variety of banners or buttons, or we?ll provide you with a seamlessly integrated application page right from your website.

    This is a screenshot of our webmaster, who works with Payday Loans.

    Our friendly staff responds to all queries within a few hours. Make T3leads affiliate program your choice for payday loans and start making money today!

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