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    I am still trying to learn the whole niche keyword thing but would these be good ones?

    Low competition with a decent amount of searches is what i should look for right? I got these two below curious if the keyword info is good?

    The ones that are highlighted are my choices.

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    When it comes to niche and keyword research, i rely more on my head because anything the machines provide is usually your initial input, it can not go out of it's way and find broad related terms.

    For example, if you are searching for "video game", the search tools can only pull out thing like "online video game", "adventurous video games" and the likes but with my head i can think of "auto grand theft" and many others.

    Google Keyword Tool and Traffic Traffic is all i usually use and my head and occasionally some niche finder sites like "Niche a day".

    Google keyword tools gives me the idea of the monthly query.

    While i use TT to check my competition. having done IM for years, i have learnt not to go for touch competition niches like make money online, or real estate, it's really not worth the pains for me with tons of low comp and profitable niches out there.
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    To answer your original question though, the answer is no. Those are far too competitive keywords. You're looking at keywords with 100,000 global monthly searches and 60,000 local monthly searches. Those aren't really niche keywords at all, those are high volume top tier keywords. It'll take you months or even a couple years to rank for those keywords.

    You need to drill down a lot more. Look for long tail keywords, then long tail keywords of longtail keywords. Like the above poster's guide suggested, you should be looking at between 700 to 5,000 monthly searches, not 100,000. That is if you're using a niche strategy.

    The competitiveness of a keyword can't be measured in the number of other sites with that keyword. You need to check out how competitive the top ranking pages are, instead of the total number of pages. Use tools like PageRank checkers, backlink checkers and anchor text link reverse checks to figure out how strong your top competitors are.
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