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The list has a lot of options and the prices are reasonable. Delivery was fast and the links were placed in the way we discussed beforehand.
sample and site list please
sample and site list please
Please check your PM.

“The customer is the most important part of our business.”

Reviews <<<<<


I ordered 3 backlinks from OP in August. I was waiting for the links to get indexed and notice SERP changes before leaving a review.

All 3 backlinks were placed on high DR sites which were approved beforehand. The communication was smooth as well. 2 of the links got indexed within a few days and one link took around a week. So, no issues in terms of indexing.

When it comes to ranking, one of the target pages has reached the first page for the main keyword and the other is on the second page which is looking good. The niche is quite competitive so I'm happy that only a couple of backlinks have affected the rankings.


Review time. So I ordered 3 backlinks from 3 websites that I picked.

I received the backlinks from the exact websites I picked. The articles are aged as promised and the links were well put within the article (it all made sense).

The article was related to the keywords being used, which is great.

Communicating with the seller was easy and it was delivered quick 5-6 days.

A+ and will be ordering again.

Order delivered within few days. The quality of the sites is very good and the prices per post are reasonable. I am sure that the links will definitely have an impact in the incoming weeks/months. Service recommended!

A+ service.

Received my backlinks again. Was very quick, only took 2 days this time.

Links were placed very well and all made sense within the article. Will definitely be coming back again.

Another order complete - great service, quick turnaround and top quality links!

Placed order for 11 links 48 hours back. The order delivered quickly :)

Infact, 1 link was replaced immediately as I made mistake in URL.


Second order made and delivered. Took over a week but it was worth it. My order came exactly how I ordered it, managed to pick the exact pages as well. Very happy.

I checked the link I ordered, but it was indexed in 1-2 days. Great results are expected.

Order was finished quickly and links are high quality, I'm impressed and will place another order!

Thank you for a job well done, I'll be back. :)

I want to give a huge shout-out to @VampireDamon for his exceptional delivery on this service. Been working with him for few months now and can truly say that he did a great job in all aspects. We have a few hiccups and delays here and there but yeah, we are still working on a lot of projects.

Very easy to communicate with, must say a good person too!

Definitely, my go-to-guy when it comes to getting powerful SEO links with good metrics.

I feel bad I didn't leave this earlier. It slipped my mind and I apologize. I found him via the search function when trying to find someone with a good reputation delivering niche edits while being reasonably priced as well. I couldn't locate any negative feedback, so I asked him for a few niche edits and a guest post. This was my first order for niche edits, but he answered every question I had and offered some guidance when I was narrowing down my selections. That's time he could have been doing something else more profitable, so I don't take that for granted. The process was easy and I'm looking forward to seeing these links show up and what effect they will have. I'd recommend his services.

Ordered 3 links, all are live after a few weeks and links placed nicely. The pages are also indexed, so they do receive actual Google traffic.
Good stuff!

REVIEW - I have placed an order few days ago.
I got the link within 2-3 days
The link was as stated - a do-follow
VD get the link placed as I mention with the text we agreed.
Overall he was very supportive and communication was smooth as well

I recommend his services


Just post a reply here to get access to the Huge Site Database!!

Contact Details:

Email Me: [email protected]
Skype Me:

➳➳ Possibly the best price for Niche Edit ➳➳ Don't Hesitate to Try Out ➳➳
Can I get samples and discount please, looking for law, home & garden, and plumbing niches.

VampireDamon Hello list send Pleace ........​

Sample please?
Kindly share the list
Could you send me a sample?
Please check your PM


Just post a reply here to get access to the Huge Site Database!!

Contact Details:

Email Me: [email protected]
Skype Me:

➳➳ Possibly the best price for Niche Edit ➳➳ Don't Hesitate to Try Out ➳➳
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