★★★★★ Reviews of our Clients ★★★★★

Thank you very much for the report. I am quite satisfied with your service and a detailed report. My rankings went up in Google for most of my keywords.

Many keywords were moved from NA to page 2 and 3. So it's a great experience and I'm highly satisfied with the service. I would buy Your services again In future. I highly recommend this service.

These links are truly high quality. Started seeing great results already, highly recommended.

I ordered few weeks before all links are live now. The service was delivered as promised. The content is really great enough and the posts where placed on high quality websites. All links are related to my niche i'm really happy with the links. I'm seeing positive results on my keywords.

I am happy with the service. Rating 10/10. Highly recommended.

He delivered what was promised and on time. Good job :)

Awesome results.

The effects on my keywords are very good and I can see good improvement in rankings.

I recently received my report and I have to say I am impressed with the quality of the network. Domains have great premium themes and designs. The contents was handwritten, suitable images are added to each posts, metrics of the blogs are as mentioned, even some of the domains having DA 40.

Really a high powered network. Overall great service. Recommended.

PLaced an order of only 5 posts about a month ago and have seen great results.

The sites look well done and the content is pretty good but not native. I would pay extra for native content, really worth it. I tried many different niche blog services on bhw but this one is by far the best.

Very good and friendly communication, follows instructions properly and most importantly big SERP improvements.

Today placed a second 5 posts order for a different site, very excited to see great results again.

I received my report few days before. I must say the pages look really nice, sites are well built, metrics for the sites are great, the articles and images are top notch as well. I have been trying to rank these keywords for a long time, they are hard keywords and I tried using many services but none really worked.

Finally KAPOWLINKS pushed my site up! It's really a very recommended service. Thanks!

Review: I have been using this service since October and I received my report on time. I checked every link in majestic and ahrefs. Metrics look great, sites are clean and all links were placed on niche relevant sites. After few weeks, I'm seeing some serious improvements.

Here is my result :
Keyword #1 - 20 to 7
Keyword #2 - 30 to 14
Keyword #3 - 24 to 9
Keyword #4 - 37 to 11 Looks good so far. Cheers,

you are doing a great job. Totally recommended.

Just received my report for 20 posts.

Great service, the quality of the article was great and it was placed on niche relevant sites. I am super impressed with the quality of the websites. All of these posts looks very natural. Couple of links indexed and I already moved from page #3 to page #2. Fast results. I will be ordering more very soon.


Today I received my order from Titans. I have analysed the domains randomly from the report. The domains are very high quality with excellent metrics.

Titans did a great job and I'm already seeing improvements for provided keywords. Pretty descent service,Will definitely use again.

I noticed some serious ranking improvements on 2 of my main keywords.

1st keyword moved from #38 to #5 and 2nd from #63 to #17.

It's a very recommended service with real results.

I bought a SUPERMAN package here from Titans. Received my report week ago and I'm super impressed with the quality of the work.

Metrics of the blogs clearly looks great, blogs are with descent themes, social share buttons, some fake add banners which looks really cool, and all blogs relevant to my niche.
Content was handwritten and completely relevant to my topic. Starting to see some good serps movements. Overall, it was an amazing service. Recommended to anyone.

Just received my report. Everything as described. The blogs having extremely good metrics, designs and content much better than I expected. Most of the links are indexed already and already have seen good jumps. Will order more soon.

Got a report on the link today.

The link was placed on a site that looks like a real blog. Blog is well designed and really good to look at.

I have bought PBN links from many sellers here, but this is different. It is clear the OP and their team put a good amount of work into the site. This will pass a manual review.

Article was around 400 words but it passed copyscape and reads well.

Domain has around 141 RD, 14 TF and 26DA. This is a decent metric and i am convinced i will see a boost.

I confirmed the link has not yet been picked up by G but this is not a surprise since i got my report today.

I will wait another 2 - 3 weeks to see what it does to my keyword. I am currently ranking #6 for a low competition keyword.

This is a good service.

Very happy with the results. so far the results for both the keywords has been positive. I will be back again for sure. Highly recommended service!

Verified the metrics - all are as in the report.

The content is pretty decent and already got some nice ranking improvements. Definitely would recommend!

Today received my report for silver package.

Great service and friendly team. Quality of articles are great, looks natural and niche related. I'm really satisfied.

One of the best service I have ever tried. The articles are well drafted with suitable images. The posts are published on the high quality blogs relevant to my niche. The DA of the domains are upto 34 and TF upto 26. All my articles are indexed in a google within a week. I have noticed great movements on the provided keywords. Here are the results,

KEYWORD1 -> 37 TO 13
KEYWORD2 -> 19 TO 5

Highly recommend !!!

If are looking for quality backlinks then you are in a right place.

I made my order for 3 weeks ago.

And what I got?

In a 6 days after links were published, 2 my main keywords moved from #8 -#3.

Now all my keywords are still growing and I'm happy to see results.

Thank you guys for your service.

Ordered the biggest package.

Liinks were niche related.

The matrics are good and as stated.

The content was related to my niche.

I am happy with the service.

I will buy again for sure!

Received my report from OP. Very nice work delivered, articles are posted on high quality blogs relevant to my niche. Metrics are as described. Order again for sure. Highly recommended service.

Just my received my order,

the quality of the sites is excellent, I requested some minor changes and they were done immediately, now its time to sit back and see the ranking results.

I got my report earlier than expected. Everything looks great. The content was very well written, unique and all the sites are designed very well. Already seeing the results, from #NA to #23 & #61 to #37. Will definitely be ordering more in the near future.




Received my report. Everything delivered as promised and all the articles are posted on niche relevant sites.

This is one of the powerful network I have seen and also i'm seeing good improvements on my keywords already. Very satisfied with the service. Recommended!

Got my report few days back. Totally impressed with the service. Content was great and posted on the blog's that suits my niche. My keywords are already moving up. I will place my new order soon.


Titans delivered the service as promised.

Report was very detailed, clean and professional. All of my keywords moved up.
Communication is great and highly recommended. A+ service.


Just received my. Checked the domains randomly from the report. Everything looks great as described. I already started seeing ranking movements on my keywords.
Great service. Highly recommended to everyone.

I received my report from op few days ago. Delivered everything as advertised.

The articles are very well written and even contains 2-3 suitable images. I also checked the domain status using MOZ and these PBNs are strong. The websites have unique themes and designs as well. Overall it was a great service & recommended to everyone.

I bought smallest pack of 5 articles. TAT and communication were excellent.

Very good quality, niche relevant, natural looking sites with really well written articles - well researched, good anchor placement and kw rich. Some of the best articles I've seen. Images included were attractive and within the niche, they could be more relevant but that is really nitpicking for this project.
DA between 20-26 (average 23.2)
PA 14-18 (average 16.2)
TF 11-34 (average 21)
CF 11-32 (average 25.8)
Overall I think the service is good for the price. I've seen some serp movement which is great for a package of this size. Of particular note are the articles; they really are top quality. Providing the posts are kept live and tidy for some time I think this service could be excellent.


Received the report recently.

Everything looks awesome. All the articles are posted on niche relevant sites with clean backlink profiles. Very happy with the delivery.
I'm seeing very good improvements on all my focused keywords. One of my main keyword jumps from 4th page to 1st page and now it's on 8th position.

Thank a lot and I will definitely order again.


Quality service delivered by Titans.

The topic of the articles and the sites are relevant to my niche. All the domains having unique themes, designs and all looks like a real blog. I'm very satisfied and highly recommend.

Seeing very good improvements on my keywords and traffic. One of my main keyword jumped from #16th to #1st position. Great job. Highly recommended service.

Got my review order. Looks like a decent site. Article passed copyscape, and quality is good.
Pretty sure it's going to bring some positive results.

Titans also gave some feedbacks regarding with the order; he's active on Skype, nice guy with significant efforts.

This is my THIRD order from him...I really, really like this PBN. He's very responsive on Skype. His PBN actually have many niches, unlike others.

The PBN looks very natural and will pass a manual inspection, it had a contact us, images, upgraded theme and professional logos. I received a nice bump in SERP in 24 hours after the report and a even a bit more about 7-10 days afterwards.

I ordered a links few days back. OP delivered the report on time and I'm very satisfied with the links.

Quality of the sites were really amazing and very well designed.
Everything was good as promised. One of my main keyword jumps from page 3 to page 1 and I'm getting good sales now.
I am Very happy with the quality of work and going to order another set of links.

Got my report from these guys. The blog metrics, articles and everything were verified, all looks stunning. They suggested me a lot of LSI keywords and they are very helpful. I am seeing very good increase on my search traffic with those suggested keywords. 10/10 for everything especially for the support. I love to do more projects with these guys. Very responsive on Skype.


I ordered few packages with these guys. I received my report on TAT and everything delivered as promised. They always brings good results. I noticed serp movements on my keywords today.


Highly recommended!

I have been working with these guys since august, 2018. They are great to deal with the service, offers, and

always delivering good results on my campaigns. I will definitely do more business soon.

Review as promised:

I order two large packages for 2 sites. The content of the articles was decent in most cases and somewhat readable, the length of the articles more than 300 words (and some cases 450+!), relevant images were used, the overall design of the blogs was quite good in most cases, the anchor text proportions were respected. I have checked some of the blogs metrics on ahrefs and MOZ . Some of the metrics were below what I saw on the reports, but in overall the average DA was decent.

My keywords did see an increase in SERP but most of them were low competition. In some categories I went from NA to top 30.

On the already top 10/20 i still saw a steady increase by few spots too.

Disclaimer: I also used other services too at the same time, so it could be a synergy effect taking place. However, I do believe that this service played an important role in improving our backlink profile.

Verdict: Recommended service , will use again

Awesome experience. Most of our primary keywords went right up and we have seen continues improvement in website traffic. Very responsive guys. Thanks a lot.

I ordered 5 posts, delivery was fast. The contnet is readable and relevant around 400 words per article.

The domains were as advertised with avg. TF 15 and DA 20. The guys are super resposive. It's still early for resulst but overall I am happy with the service.

Article are good without any grammar mistakes. Images were used relevant. The domains have very good metrics.

I checked the backlink profile to the website and I did not find any spam backlinks to the domain.


Excellent service and strong links. We're seeing an AMAZING improvements in our rankings.


More order on your way!

Quick review:

I ordered few links a month ago with this guy and I must say that this is one of the best niche service I have found. The quality of the blogs were awesome and they are completely related to my niche. Content was very readable with images and unique.
I have seen nice serp punch on most of the provided keywords.

Thank you so much. I will place my new order soon

I received my order on time. The report had organized very well and looks good. The service is exactly as described. As of today, my main keywords are started moving up.


Highly Recommended Service 10/10.

I ordered 30 posts and seen great results after few days.

I got a solid improvements on all my keywords, 2 of my keywords are in 1st page. I was pretty satisfied with the results and the links delivered. Excellent turn around time.


Now Ordered again for new keywords. Receipt number: **********6905M
Many thanks.

Got my Report. The metrics for each site are very strong, well designed and it doesn't looks like a PBN. The content is relevant and hand written with suitable images. I started seeing some positive response on all the keywords.

High quality service at a very reasonable cost.

I must say PBNs and articles were really high quality, one of the best I've seen here at BHW, seriously.

Saw increase in ranking, overall great PBNS, helped a lot on my up and coming affiliate site.


Ordered a while back and checked the report recently. I found one of the article had not indexed in Google and I contacted the seller for the replacement.
But he helped me to index the article within an hour. I can say I am impressed with the quality and the results.

This is one of the BEST services I have purchased here on BHW.


Got my order. The report looks good.

The sites have clean backlink anchors, designs and logo. Metrics were all as advertised in the thread. So far I got positive results and my keywords are moving up.



Got my report. Everything delivered as promised.

Most of domains are aged up to 13+ years and very well done.


Report received from Titan. Everything done as described. I find one of the anchor was placed wrongly in the article and I informed to fix. They fixed it immediately. Very good customer support from these guys.

Highly recommend team.

Received the report. Everything looks great and better than expected. Nice report was delivered and the sites are related to my niche.

Stats of the sites and content were decent. Very happy with the results so far and going purchase new packages soon.

It was great so far.

The articles were better than what I expect with images and title. Excellent links, The keywords rankings are started increasing and they are sticked on the 2st page now. Impressed with quality, results & services.

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Niche Corner

>>>>> Extended Discount Offer!!! <<<<<


Coupon Code: NC2K22

Get in touch with us now and see the magic happens right before your eyes!

Please could you send me a list of websites that you can make posts on? interested.
Do you have a pbn related to local restaurants?
Sent PM with samples @wingrade.
Show me samples
Sent PM with samples @furyclonex.
Please send samples
Thanks for your order @melvyn. We already started the process on your order. Will get back soon with your report.
Ordered 5 links.
Thanks for your order @therush. We already started the process on your order. Will get back soon with your report.
order placed for 20 links.
Sent PM with samples @robin69.
dm me samples
Sent PM with samples @cc5858.
Please could you send me a list of websites that you can make posts on? interested.
Sent PM with details @bui.
Do you have a pbn related to local restaurants?
I received a completed Silver Pack order (5 articles), everything is done well, with high quality according to my wishes.
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