NewYorker Journey to 500,000 friends on facebook. STEP BY STEP

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    hey guys , So after couple of months here i decided to make journey thread ,
    first of all to keep myself motivated , also to give back to this amazing community.
    So this is diffrent posts because :

    1. I'm focusing on creating massive number of us/ canada friends (I don't accept every request)
    2. I won't try to monetize at least not before i get to 100,000 friends.

    I will share with you step by step how exactly i do it .
    I started to create accounts two weeks ago.
    Right now , i have 27,928 friends and followers.
    every account has about 3400 friends and followers ( most of the friends are from the us)
    I'm NOT accepting every friend request.
    Why ? because after that the account will be probablt will be filled with 3 world country people and we don't want that.
    I created an excel sheet which really helps to manage the accounts : u can see it here :


    1.When creating a profile , fill ALL the details , that's an example of a good profile details :

    2. DO NOT post a picture of in a tiny bikini or something , you will get friend request from 3rd world countries , no one from developed country (US ,Canada) will accept you.

    3. Post at least 10 pictures of the fake girl you pretending to be , REMEMBER: when people check your profile they see how many pictures do you have .

    4. don't create all the accounts from the same IP .
    Facebook become smarter everyday , buy private proxies and you will be fine, i realized it from my experience ,
    after a week of creating profiles without any proxies , i didn't got any suggestions.

    5. Don't send more then 100 request at the first day. (Generally speaking : try to imitate normal behavior) .
    [from the second day you can send 200+ (but not over 400 that's for sure).

    6. BE ACTIVE, share , like and do stuff that people do.

    7. On the first day , PVA your account .It's increase the engagement and the friend request you will recieve.

    8. Fill the ABOUT section, MUSIC , SPORTS , BOOKS , EVERYTHING.

    MY STATS :

    accounts : 8
    friends : 21,051
    followers : 6877
    avarage interaction per user : 3491

    my goal is to get to 500,000 friends by the end of march.

    i will create at least 2 account everyday.

    i hope to keep the avarage the same or more , i still get at least 70-140 friend request from the us everyday.

    I have
    83 days to 15/4/16.
    That's my deadline.
    83* 6000 = 498,000.
    So i guess i will reach it.

    WHEN and HOW will i montize it ?

    So , i still don't know how , i will probably choose AdSense or CPA .

    When i get to 100,000 i will start to monetize,

    Requierment :

    1. MassPlanner / FaceDominator for managing the account.
    2. one proxy for 3 accounts.
    3. Strong computer ( 8 GB ram is enough )
    4. Power of will :)

    I'm sure that with 500,000 i can earn enough to quit my job.

    If you have ANY question, u can ask me here or just drop a PM.

    I will update this thread every two-three days.

    Great day , Kevin:D


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    So u need around 100 accounts. Why u dont make 10 accounts/day if u have proxies? You will have them in less time.
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    I don't have enough time , i'm working and i get back in like 7 everyday...
    i think it will cost like 200$ investment.
    I created a Viral page on fb. i will start to share things when i will have mass audience.
    another option is CPA which match my audience (males from the states and canada)
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    so i opened 2 accounts , it seems like facebook "burn" this ip from creating accounts.
    i was using it for like 4-5 days.

    so i bought a new proxy , connected from mobile , and start adding friends instantly.
    I added like 100 in an hour , NOOB MISTAKE.
    got restricted from adding friends and the account won't get any friend requests for sure.

    in the meantime , my other account are doing well, most of them close to 4K friends .
    so i learned 2 lessons from my failure today :
    1. Don't rape your proxy.
    2. Don't send more then 50-60 request at the first hour of the account.

    I will create 3 account tomorrow,hope they will be successfull.
    I'm adding a picture of my account status, if any of you would like to see.
    Here is the link :