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    Option 1:
    Heres a method to expand your customer database with news paper marketing. First, make sure you have everything in place on
    your site, such as cpa offers, clickbank products, adsense, infolinks, and so on. Make it look real good and apealing. Then
    find a local free classifieds paper (in dallas, we have thrifty nickel and greensheet) and purchase an ad slot in the proper
    section (just to clear up any confusion, these papers are usually only free to customers, advertisers have to pay). Put your
    website in the ad, and your done. This is also good for adsense and other networks because it will be 100% direct traffic.

    Option 2:
    Sometimes classified papers will not put website info in ads, so they will not let you post the ad, If this happens, you
    can do it like this: Do the beginning part the same, but when it comes to the ad itself, take out the website info and put
    in something like "send $5 plus s/a/s/e to (your address)" then you send them a catchy letter back with all of the website
    info. This method probally sounds better because you will get paid before they ever see your site, but if you're hunting for
    more traffic then the first way is better.

    You could also just put your email and cut out the other contact methods, then automate your email, but thats not good for some networks like adsense (having that much traffic from emails)

    Anyways, this is a descent way to get some traffic and make some sells so have fun with it. :D
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