NEWS: How You Can Profit From This Upcoming Million Dollar Product Launch...

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    I thought this was a very interesting development in the ads section of thatt forumm ;)
    and maybe members here wanted to have a look.

    This was in fact a message / product from Willie Crawford,
    it is NOT my product, (nor is any affiliate links attached),
    and i would love to hear BHW comments / feedback on it.

    Please share your thoughts and comment below...

    direct copy from the ad here:
    As a joint venture broker, I get asked to orchestrate
    dozens of new product launches every month. Naturally,
    I can only help with one or two, but I get to see LOTS
    of them.

    I get review copies of lots of products, so I know what
    is junk and which products deliver a lot of value!

    I get free review copies BECAUSE I literally have over
    1000 top affiliate marketers in my contacts database. I
    can put product owners in touch with "movers and shakers"
    in their industry.

    The reason that these top affiliate marketers even listen
    to me when I approach them about promoting a product is
    that I serve as a filter for them. They don't have the
    time or resources to look at all of the products that
    they are asked to promote. Knowing that I have actually
    reviewed (test-driven) products that I recommend to them
    makes me a priceless resource.

    My continued "trusted" relationship with my super-affiliate
    contacts hinge upon me not wasting their time... so I only
    go to them with quality products. Some of them ask me...
    point blank... if I really believe the product is that
    good, if their customers will get a lot of value from it,
    and if they will make a lot of sales.

    I give them very honest and straightforward answers
    because that's essential to our continued trusting
    relationship. Many of these relationships were built over
    more than a decade of my interacting with them via email,
    phone, live seminars, on cruises, and at private networking

    I have deep personal connections with many of the people
    that my potential clients who are launching products need!

    Anyway, I get to see a lot of products MONTHS
    in advance, and I can let you in on some amazing
    product launches early!

    How do you tap into this knowledge?

    There are three ways:

    1) Join The International Association of Joint Venture
    Brokers. This is a database of upcoming launches where I
    and other members enter practically every product launch
    that we know of AND that the member entering it into the
    database has actually checked out.

    This is very valuable advanced intelligence. Join IAJVB
    2) Join the Facebook Group "Big Ticket Affiliate Products."
    I formed this e Facebook Group to let members find out about
    Big Ticket product launches EARLY. These are launches that
    they would probably otherwise NEVER find out about... or
    they'd only find out about them after it was too late to get
    involved as an affiliate or JV partner.

    You can join this group free at:
    3) Join the Facebook Group "Affiliate Products Proven To
    Sell." As the name of this group implies, the affiliate
    products that members find out about here have a proven
    track-record... so members aren't the guinea pigs for a
    merchant who isn't even sure that his product will sell.

    This allows you to find a steady steam of fresh products
    that DO sell.

    You can join this group free at:
    I titled this post "How You Can Profit From This Upcoming
    Million Dollar Product Launch" because I AM helping
    orchestrate a product launch that will undoubtedly
    produce millions of dollars in sales. I DO want to let
    YOU know about early :)

    Doing #1, #2 or #3 above will give you access to
    complete details.

    I highly recommend that you do all three.

    I AM poised to finish 2010 STRONG and to "hit the ground
    running" in 2011. Act on the above tips, and you will
    be too.

    Please share your thoughts and comment below...I really want to know your opinion on this.
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    I asked to join the Facebook group, but to be honest, I'm reluctant to join even join the JV "silver" group and am definitely not going to sign up for a subscription membership until that site looks more professional. The images are pixelated, fonts are all different sizes-- maybe just clean the whole thing up and put some clear opt-in code in there to get people into a sales funnel, or make a video that explains your project and put that on there.

    Just my opinion!
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    @ nycwriter

    Many thanks for your worthwhile comment, although perhaps I did not make it clear, that this was in fact a message / product from Willie Crawford,
    it is NOT my product, (nor is any affiliate links attached),

    I simply wanted to get opinions from the BHW members as to what they thought of the nature / type of project, because of so many other saturated models etc...

    I hope that makes sense?, and maybe clarifies it to the BHW readers of this thread.

    I must say that your points are valid indeed. thanks again.