News blog + Adsense(finally) but i have questions


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Jul 10, 2013
Hello everyone!

So first i have to explain you what i have done the last month.
1) I just build my own news blog in blogger (i dont have domain name yet but i will have soon) i found one cool template for that and i try to update it every day.
2)Today(finally) i was accepted from Adsense(i have tried two times in the past but without success.My mistakes)
3)I build 3 facebook pages(only with people from my country)with more than 60k likes total.So i think i will have some nice traffic from there.

So my questions

1)My plan is to try when i have nice traffic so i can build new pages in facebook,boost my old pages and have double traffic or even more.Is that ok with adsense or i will have problem?
2)Noob question.As i told you before i am thinking to buy domain name cause now my current is so big (25 characters total.HUGE!) so Adsense automatically will accept my new domain?
3)My main problem.I try to update my blog but for about 12 hours per day i cant do that cause i must be in my job.So if my NEWS blog is dead for half day its horrible.I was trying to find autoblog method(for wordpress its easier) but i cant find how it works with blogger.Can anyone help me with that?
4)I really cant understand if duplicate content is fine for Adsense.Untill now all my content is duplicated but Adsense accept me. :/ (i have seen some threads here,some people say that is ok and some people think duplicate content will cause adsense accounts banned)

*Question 3-4.I can see plenty of news autoblogs in my country with duplicate content of course(cause they update their blogs with rss of other blogs i think) and they use to monetize them with adsense without problems.

English its not my native language so sorry for my mistakes :)
Well, here is the real situation...

1 - Google is a business company, not some internet cop or charity organization. They want to make money
2 - They don't accept Duplicate Content cause it can cause them legal problem ( Monetizing Duplicate Content )
3 - When you Sign up, you agree that you are using Unique Content and it's your resposibility
4 - As long as you no one sends copyright to Google and you are making them money, it's really doesn't concern them
5 - If someone filed a DMCA against you, legally, they will have to remove you from their program
6 - Google isn't really strict in foreign countries

Finally, Please their Publishers by sending converting traffic and they will be happy to please you. Send them shit traffic and no matter what you do, you will get banned. You won't really know if you will face a problem until the paycheck time. If they paid you, then they will continue paying as long as you behave yourself

Read quite a bunch of questions. Basically, Big G network would not approve autoblogging software, copied contents (plagarism) or mass linkings

In short, you should have unique readable content, decent design in website, targeted keywords not stuffing and update on a 2-3 days basis (since you mentioned not being able to do due to work).
Alternatively, hire a content writer and published the articles at your own free time (lunch perhaps?)

Good Day,
Tnx everyone for your answers!
I was thinking to use to make my blog auto updated with the rss feed from other news blog.
So the most ppl here think that this will make my account disabled from adsense right?
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