Newie: Need help as there is so much info, not sure if this plan is right?

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by AM223, Aug 25, 2011.

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    There is so much information regarding back linking that its causing me to get a bit lost and I was hoping I could get some feedback from everyone to give me some direction.

    I?m looking to build a plan / strategy that I can stick to so my sites don?t keep stuttering along and I have continuous growth in the rankings.

    I?m also looking to complete most of the work manually, as I like to fully understand something before I move on to automating it.

    As I only have one site and plan to take it one site a month I?m hoping I still have enough time to complete the works manually.

    I am planning to compete for sites that have around 1K searches / M and less that 100K competition, I have read quite a lot on here and I plan to do the following (However I am not 100% sure this is a good strategy and I still have missing information):

    1. Profile Links /Link Wheels (Must) Etc as I am still new I plan to order these as a service from BHW. In time I would like to automate this process, but I am not sure which tool to use.
    2. Write Articles (Must) and submit them to high ranking directories, I own best spinner and I was planning to manually submit 10-20 a week. From what I have read I can automate this through AMR in the future.
    3. Blog Comments (Must): again I plan to complete this manually, though not sure if I will get the desired results and think I will need to use scrapebox to find high PR blogs. Also a little confused between Blog posts and Blog Comments, I understood the posts to be on my site to give Google content not producing them off-page.
    4. Social Book Marking (Good for diverse linking) again manually for now, I plan to link my site, articles and blogs where I have commented.
    5. Authority Links (Must): As with Profile links I plan to pay for this service for now, however I?m not sure if these have to be subject specific for Google to weight them appropriately for my site or can they be any subject?
    6. RSS Feeds (Good), I?m not 100% sure what RSS feeds will bring to the party, though I know I should be completing them.
    7. 7. Lastly web 2.0, this has me the most confused. I seem to missing basic accurate information on what and how to undertake this task. Not sure if I need it for the sites I am looking at.
    All advice will be most welcome, I'm hoping i can get some expert guidance on the subject and to be told if I am going down the right path or way off course that would really help.

    There is so much information is hard to know which is the right direction.

    Thanks Martin