Newest facebook like social networking site that pays!

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    We are the first social network that shares the wealth with it?s users!

    While facebook and google are getting rich at the expense of its users, intichat wants to share the profits with you.

    It's very simple, we make money from our advertisers and are going to share that money with you and all the users of intichat that qualify. You only need 5 or more referrals to qualify for monthly payments. After that your payment amount is determined by how much you contribute to the website.

    We've created a unique algorithm that will allow you to earn cash the every month, based on your online activity. The more you use intichat, and the more referrals that sign up under you, the more you earn!

    You can also earn points just for using the site like you would any other social network. Each action, like uploading photos and posting comments earns a point value, which is also calculated into your monthly profit sharing payout amount.

    In addition to your monthly profit sharing payment you can also earn even more in the Mega Points section. Complete offers from our sponsors and earn CASH or PRIZES. Click mega points above for more details.

    The amount of money that you earn each month is based on several different factors of your activity on intichat and each factor carries it's own weight. But it really boils down to this?use intichat, refer your friends to do the same and receive a monthly check or deposit. Our offical launch is scheduled for April 15th and the first profit sharing checks and deposits will go out May 15th!

    The amount of money that you earn each month is based on several different factors of your activity on intichat and each factor carries it's own weight.

    All factors are calculated monthly, from the 1st day of each month until the last day.
    Here is a list of most important monthly factors.

    1) The number of successfull referrals you send to intichat using your unique referral link which is
    2) The Number of votes that you receive on your items posted to intichat.
    3) The number of votes you give to other users items on intichat
    4) The amount of time your account is logged in to intichat
    5) The amount of pages that you visit on intichat
    6) The number of items that you've uploaded or created, ie: photos, videos, music, pages, blogs ect...
    7) Your overall number of activity points.

    Basic strategy to earn the most amount of money.

    Refer as many new users to sign up as you can.
    Get other users to vote for your profile and the items that you post.
    Give votes to other, max votes you are allowed to give daily is 20.
    Keep your account logged in as often as possible.
    Upload photos, video and music.
    Create pages, listings, blogs, polls and get people to vote for your items.
    And don't forget to visit our sponsors if you see an ad that you like.

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    Spam and reported
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    looks like a scam...