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Newbies Journey to $150 a day in $5 increments. Building a castle one brick at a time.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by EZE1000, Jan 16, 2015.

  1. EZE1000

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    Sep 10, 2013
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    Why another journey thread?

    1. The obvious. I would like to be financially independent without having to work for someone else so I can live my life more on my own terms. I already do this to some extent. However, I would love to have the freedom to hop on a plane or take a train somewhere and not have to worry about cash flow or wether or no I will have a job when I return.

    2. THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON To hold myself accountable and keep a journal of what worked and what didn't. I have started projects before and had a tiny bit of success, but for one reason or another, I gave up when it didn't take off like I had hoped. Had I stuck with it, there is no doubt in my mind that I would already have achieved my goal of working for myself.

    3. I currently have a lot of time to work on Internet marketing. I was the General Manager of 2 sports bar for a year and I averaged between 70-80 hours of work a week. It was consuming my life and about half way through I was starting to get burned out and I had a thought to myself;

    "If I can work 70-80 hours a week doing this, there is no doubt in my mind, that if I applied that time to my own projects that I shouldn't be able work for myself."

    Well, I recently quit, moved to a new city and will be taking a month off of work before having to find a new job. And while I may not be able to achieve my goal by then, I can at least set a foundation of habits and work ethic to help set the path for it.

    How will the Journey Work?

    I will be treating it like a leveling system and keeping mini goals for myself.

    I will be keeping track of my earnings in $5 increments. In order to go up a level I have to make daily X amount money for 5 days in a row.

    Example: let's say I was making $10 a day. In order for me to get to $15, I have to at least make $15 a day for 5 days in a row.

    The reasoning behind this is simple; right now I am making some money doing side jobs online. However, these jobs can be very inconsistent and are not always available. Just because I make $20-$30 one day doesn't mean that money will be there the next. I am trying to create a solid, semi passive, consistent income that will still be making me money even if I don't work for a day or two.

    On the flip side, If my daily income drops down for 3 days in a row I will decrease the increment of money I am making to the target daily income it has dropped between.

    Example: If I making $15 a day for my daily income at least 5 days in a row and the next 3 days I only make $12,14,11. My increment level for income would drop down to $10 daily.

    The mini goal system will work like this. I will be setting mini daily goals for myself that will be designed to get work done and help create habits that I believe will lead to me being more successful. If I achieve those goals I can go out and enjoy myself that night after all of my work is done. If I don't, I have to stay in and do it.

    Currently the reason I moved to a bigger city is because I enjoy music and concerts and there is always a lot more going on. I feel this will motivate me enough to get my work done so I can go enjoy the music and shows. Plus, I won't feel guilty if I'm out enjoying myself and not putting in the time and effort to achieve my goals.

    Sorry if all of that was confusing.

    What will you do to make money?

    Project 1: An Authority Website

    I Have a website that I have been working on that I would like to make an authority in its niche and to monetize it with Adsense and CPA. I don't know much about SEO or onsite SEO/optimization so I will be using it as more of a learning grounds. I have read quite a few threads here and while I was able to understand some aspects of the onsite SEO/optimization, I couldn't quite grasp it all. I figured the best approach is hands on and to learn as I go.

    To begin with, I am going to write 50 articles to get in the habit of article writing and then approach some of the onsite SEO later.

    The keywords I am going to being targeting for this website are all low search volume keywords (100 or less searches a month) with some decent CPC. The reason being is that I am targeting an extremely competitive niche, but when I did some research in Market Samurai for some of the keywords, a lot of the top websites had a high domain age but low Page rank, Citation flow and trust flow. I want to test to see if I can rank for those keywords with just some article writing. Most likely not, but it's a good starting grounds for me and something I want to know and have found out for myself for future keywords down the road.

    I will also be creating an ebook around this website and giving it away to form an email list.

    I will also be creating a Facebook page

    Project 2: Email List, PPC, Facebook Like Jacker

    I will use another website I have and create a landing page for another email list within the same niche as project 1. I will also use the like jacker to send Facebook likes to project 1's Facebook page.

    Project 3: CPA, Landing Pages and Pop up traffic

    I have another website that I have been testing with CPA and various landing pages. I have not had any success yet but I i will keep on testing different angles.

    Project 4: Ebay / Amazon Drop Ship Method

    I haven't started this project yet but I do plan on it. This will be a method I mess around with once my brain becomes mush for the day and I'm having a rough time concentrating. Once everything is set in place this seems to be a method that will take minimal time as far as upkeep.

    While I would consider myself a newbie to internet marketing I have been a lurker for quite some time now. Over that time I have gathered some tools and resources through various failed projects that I will be using.

    Market Samurai
    Facebook Like Jacker
    Adsense Heatmap Theme

    Daily Mini Goals:

    Write 5 articles for Project 1

    Once the writing of 5 articles a day becomes a simple task I will add more mini goals to the menu.

    Here we go!!
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    Looks interesting. Will be following this thread.
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    ^what he said, following this