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Jul 25, 2016
Hey everyone just started on my next adventure so to speak, and wanted to use this forum to document the experience. I know there is a couple of people in here that know what they are doing so it's going to be great if you guys want to chime in and give advice. This is my first time doing something like this and I feel confident in at least giving it hell so here we go....

So I'll be using the ever so saturated Instagram and Ogads combo to make some money, and hopefully reach the goal of $20 a day. As most of you already know this 'method' will involve using Instagram and combination with Ogads to make some affiliate commission. I will be using the follow/unfollow method to grow my accounts and I may look into buying shout outs later on. The goal is to have 50 accounts making a total of around 0.75 each a day to earn $20+ a day, simple as that really.

Obviously this will require buying proxies, and VPS, Followliker/Massplaner, all that fancy stuff...

But for right now the investment is $0 and it will be $0 until it's no longer possible for it to be $0 or it's just dumb for it to be (which ever comes first)

With said here is how day#1 went (I will update this everyday)


I am starting with one account so far it is a new non aged account based around a popular niche with..let's just say a lot of followers :)

Started the account this morning at 8:00am with 0 followers literally dead stock.

Current stats:
1 account
6 posts
average like per post 7
0 comments (1 spam one that got deleted)
Following 187
5 clicks
2 conversions
40% conversion rate
$0 investment
$0.75 earned

The plan is to replicate this with 50 accounts to reach $20+ a day. Let me know what you guys think on what I should do from here, again I am pretty new to all this and the help would be amazing. Ask whatever you want as well, I'll do my best to answer anything!
You seem to be doing fine. Time to kick it up a notch, all the best. How are you handling bio? Direct domain link or something else?
You seem to be doing fine. Time to kick it up a notch, all the best. How are you handling bio? Direct domain link or something else?

Thanks for the good vibes brother, and yes direct link in the bio shortened with bitly.
Keep it up . Easy to earn Using IG. i started before one month to run 50 accounts now i earn per day $7 to $10
Direct domain link or something else? How are you handling bio? You seem to be doing fine.
Direct domain link or something else? How are you handling bio? You seem to be doing fine.

The bio is simple kind of attention grabbing pertaining to the niche. And yes Direct link to the landing page offer on profile using bitly. Thank you very much!
Great journey ! Keep on moving !
I just need to know, do you offer giveaways ?

No giveaways as of yet, I am going to wait to grow the accounts a little more before I attempt that. Thank you so much for stopping by the thread :)
Alright guys nearing the end of my work day so let's update you guys on how day# 2 went.

So today I woke up and checked my Ogad account to see a nice little surprise :)
I managed to close out my first day at this journey with $1.20 earned with one account. So yesterday was a win, if I can replicate $1.20 a day with 50 accounts then my goal of $20 a day will be not only met but surpassed by a lot.

Sadly I earned $0 for today and got 4 clicks on my link (which is a direct link to the CPA offer located on my IG profile description) For the description itself, I am using something simple that captures attention but doesn't sound "spammy"


I created another account under a different niche, promoting another popular and kind of saturated offer today. I created a custom profile picture for it and dropped a simple, yet attractive description on my profile along with the direct link to the Ogads landing page.

Here are my stats for my 1st account after just 24hrs

First account :
13 posts
average like per post 8
Following 388
8 clicks
3 conversions
37.5% conversion rate
$0 investment
$1.20 earned

I managed to earn $1.20 from this account last night with a total of 8 clicks and 3 conversions. I woke up today and I gained over 54 followers, I followed another 200 today to bring the total following count to 388 and the followers count to 86 (not bad for 24hrs?)
I plan to upload 2-4 pictures a day for this account. I create my own pictures to upload so I do not have to worry about taking them from other people or Google. This may sound 'dumb' to some of you but I rather use unique pictures and besides I am a web designer at heart so I enjoy the process.

As far as growing the account I am going to follow a modest 150-220 people a day for 3 days then unfollow on day 4, rest on day 5 then rinse and repeat until the account grows. This method may or may not work so i'm going to test it out as it is a non aged new IG account.

I mentioned above I created a new account today under a different niche so here are the starting stats for that one!

Second account :
2 posts
average like per post 11
Following 129
2 clicks
0 conversions
0% conversion rate
$0 investment
$0 earned

For this 2nd account I will be doing the same follow/unfollow method as the 1st account, making sure to take it slow haha I'm doing this manually so it has to be slow for now. The niche I selected for the 2nd account is a little more saturated than the 1st account's niche so I will see how this goes, remember my goal per account is $0.75 per day so anything over that is good to me.

Total of 2 accounts
112 followers combined
following 517
15 posts
$1.20 earned to far (long long....long way to go yet)

So that's my update for today, I will be creating another account tomorrow in another niche maybe just to see how it goes!

Thank you so much to everyone that has sent their good vibes, you guys are f$#king amazing!
Good luck with your journey, I'll be following and I'll also be watching your progress. I wish you reach your goal soon
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