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    Hey BHW,

    This is a short guide on how you can get high quality content for your site for free.

    It does not matter if you blog or build static sites, the #1 thing that you will need is content. When you are first starting out it can be difficult to find someone to write good quality content for a good price. If you can not pay for your content you will have to write it yourself. This in of itself can pose as a huge problem for the majority as it takes time to learn how to write good articles.

    The next step would be to purchase Private Label Rights articles to fill your site up with content that will wet your prospective buyer's appetite. Unfortunately most PLR articles are crap and range from non-valuable content, to being poorly written. Not to mention that it will be hard to rank the same article for the exact same keywords and with nothing changed to the article body.

    Small disclaimer: this method may not work for small niches but if there is a high demand you will find them.

    How to find high quality PLR articles to use on your site:

    1. Use Google to find articles by typing in this search query "your niche"+"plr"

    1a. If you know of a forum that sells PLR articles you can go there too

    2. Click on any website that sounds interesting

    3. Scroll down through the page until you come across the section where they list the titles of their PLR

    4. Copy title of a particular article

    5. Open a new tab window and in Google paste that article title into the search; be sure to wrap the title in quotes. Example "3 tips to know how to lose weight"

    6. With any stroke of luck you will get a few websites with results along with Google's supplemental index

    7. Sift through a couple websites to see if the article looks the same (I generally read a paragraph or two)

    8. Copy and paste article and title to a folder on your hard drive

    9. Enjoy your free article.

    A couple tips:

    1. If you notice that a webmaster has one of these PLR articles more than likely they have all of them. Take them and profit :)

    2. In order to find the highest quality articles, find the people who sell a small number of their packet. You will generally find these types of packets on forums

    Very important tip: To not get yourself in the supplemental index I highly recommend that you either re-write the article a little bit (who really wants to do that) or re optimize the article for a different keyword ;).

    I know this is a pretty general guide but hey it is for newbies and I know that it helped me grab good content for some of my sites. Obviously you can grab some of the PLR articles from the download section, but the quality might not be that great.

    GL and prosper :burnout:,

    - Illiacus
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