[Newbie Tutorial] How I make $300 per month from 1 blog in 3 months, step by step

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    Hello BHW newbies

    I joined BHW long time ago but still a newbie because my english is not very well. However, I can read and understand some great tutorials//tips from advance members here. Today, I am trying to write a small tutorial to tell you how I made $300/ month from Google Adsense and affiliate program, step by step.

    1. I did keyword research though Google Keyword Tools and choose one keyword related to "software" has more than 1000 searchs per month. Software is my favorite niche.
    2. I bought a .com domain (EMD domain) then setup a blog using Wordpress, pick a good theme. (I got http://www.studiopress.com/ and a child theme only $5 on http://fiverr.com/). Genesis and its child themes are great, you may place as many banners as you want everywhere on the blog using "http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/genesis-simple-hooks/" plugin.
    3. I install WP supper cache, SEO SearchTerms Tagging 2, Better WP Security (best plugin to protect your blog, I think), Wordpress SEO, WP Like Locker(warez), Affiliate ***** (nulled).
    4. Create and setup Twitter, Feedburner, Facebook. Let's Feed Burner send your posts to Twitter account and lets Twitter send your post to Facebook.
    5. Get some followers on Twitters, friends on FB.
    6. Search and subscribed up to 10 software blogs (to get software news, update), up to 5 software forums (to post your own software news, tutorials, giveaway news).
    7. Start search and post some profit contents to your blog such as: Norton Internet Security 6 months free, Free BHW Video converter license, $2/domain godaddy promo code, cheap hosting offer. etc
    Don't forget to place your license key or link under lock using WP content locker, wp share locker. Visitors must click like or share to view the hidden content. They get what they want and you have more traffic. If you have a hot news or unique giveaway, a contest don't forget to post it on software forums collected on step 6. Don't spam their forum or you will get banned.
    9. Let post some long article such as: Top 10 free security softwares, top 5 privacy cleaner softwares....you may research on the Internet and rewrite them.
    10. When your blog has about 20 articles and 100 visitors/day you may try to post more articles or buy cheap articles at http://www.HireWriters.com/79.html. Only $1.5 per 300 words, $5 per 700-1000 words. Cheaper than most services at BHW.
    11. I did buy traffic on Fiverr (I know may get banned :D) by a member for 360 days but he stoped his service.

    Do update your blog everyday, social it and seo it. After 3 months you may make $100-$300/month from Google Adsense and software affiliate program.

    That is what I did and after all things above I tried to make some auto blogs, make money with Amazone. I will write and share more when I earned enough money from Amazone.

    Thanks for reading and sorry about my poor English.
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    So after 3 months of hard work do you make the dough on autopilot or do you still work on that blog?

    Would love to check out ur blog (send me a msg if u like) :)