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    Hi all once again

    So once again heres another post by me, I decided to put the SEO on hold until I had more articles, since I now have more articles and my site is close to going live I just need to make sure that this is correct.

    Please note the keywords are just an example...

    Market Samurai has indicated that "Can Gerbils Eat Nuts" is a good keyword phase.

    This is how my site is going to look like for this article and more.

    <Title>Find out if Gerbils Can Eat Nuts | Professional Answers and Advice </title>

    <h1>Can Gerbils Eat Nuts</h1>
    <p>a bit of intro text here</p>
    <h2>Nuts Nutrition</h2>
    <p>Here will be some repeated questions, like the one in H1 will be repeated here along with other questions<p>

    Url will be like gerbils-eat-nuts.html

    Advice appreciated if this is the right way of doing it, I know a lot of noobs get shafted even before they start cuz they focus far too much on SEO but I want to get the basics right, some have said vary h1 title, and url otherwise google will know your seoing and will get fined in ranking.

    Also can someone confirm that...

    gerbils-eat-nuts.html will get counted as "can gerbils eat nuts" since I read that 'can' is a stop word so do i need it in the url? and title.
    I could mix up the h1 abit by having Rabbits can eat nuts, having a h1 answer instead of a question, but will this count as much for "can...."

    Anyhow... Please comment if you think this is the prefect way, if not please give examples if you have the time.

    Thanks in advance
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