Newbie soaring to the top after hustlin a fish tank, follow me and watch me bank!!!

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    So... I had a previous post that I said, "watch this newbie soar to the top as I hustle a fish tank" and nobody believed me! Who is laughin now!!! so... I spent 20 on a fish tank and got rid of it for 150, then I got SeNukeX.

    I walked down main street of my town since I have no car and the fish tank was all I had, then I tried to put on nice clothes and talk to some business men and tried to convince them that I can get them on page 1 of google in a few months for only 1,500 dollars a month for SEO. I am so good at hustlin stuff, I can hustle ice to an Eskimo!

    So after trying to convince at least 70 people in 2 weeks and worrying how i'm even gonna make my next SeNukeX payment and how I am supposed to rank this guy (which I know nothing about...), I finally got 1 guy interested and after drinking with the guy 2 days in a row, he finally was convinced and pawned his deceased grandma's necklace for 1,500!

    Now its all a matter of how in the world am I actually suppose to run SeNukeX and get this guy to page 1 of google..? I know absolutely nothing about websites or google, someone told me to buy SeNukeX and they said I would be rich, so this newbie is on his way to becoming a millionaire! If anyone else wants SEO services, don't come to me or else be on the bottom pages of google and be 1,500 poorer... I gotta call this guy tomorrow, any suggestions on what I should say or do now??? He seems really interested in this Search Enabled Operation stuff and I already spent his money and he doesn't know it and I don't know where to start and I have rent due next week!

    I have another guy interested and I have to call him this week, so hopefully he gives me money to pay my rent. I am gonna record his phone call and post it online somewhere and show you guys so you can tell me what I am doing wrong. :eek: