Newbie Shopify Dropshipping Journey 50$/DAY fb/instagram ads.


Mar 3, 2016
Hello everyone, at first i want apologize for my english wherefore english isn't my native language.
My name's Martin. I am 20, and i am from Poland. I've finished school which not gives me any perspectives. I quit my shitty work for shitty cash, and i decided to enter in IM world. Few years ago i had some experience with PPA, but my lazy nature don't let me go ahead and i quickly quit it.
Now i haven't any work and i have some depts to pay. Inspired by some people from this forum, and other i decided to open my shopify store and create a dropshipping business with aliexpress.
I'll use Facebook/Instagram ads and two weeks ago i've created IG page in men lifestyle niche which now have ~1.8k follows, 100-150 likes per post so i will use it too to drive traffic to my products.
So wish me good luck, and i hope that i get here some good advises to gain a succes.
My goals are simple, i wanna go with babysteps to build my financial freedom but at first make some cash to pay debts.

What i did to this moment:

- I created a website with free shopify simple theme in men/gentleman niche, but i'll put there also more general products but in general MEN niche. Store will be targeted to USA audience.
- I made visually aspect, for me it looks good but i'll be thankful when someone more experienced take a look on it. I added some converting boosters like pop ups, social proof, and other.
- I added ~30 products
- Yesterday i created some ads, but stopped it in few hours becouse they look wasn't good (I had a lot views in ~6 hours but only 3 clicks to my website)
- Yesterday i sit all night on youtube (Franklin Hachett channel) and i learn more about advertises.
- Today i launched ads on fb/ig with pretty good look (for me) and i will look what it give.

I haven't bought a domain, i am still using .myshopify and i am thinking wheter it can hard impact for my site clicks. I launched my ads for 10 $ budget and after 24h i'll look what it bring.

If anyone can take a look on my site and ads and give me some advises i'll be very thankful.
Wish me luck guys!
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Good luck, man! I would buy a domain name though, the myshopify domain name looks unprofessional and could impact your sales.
Yes i think that you are right. For this moment 300 views of my ad, only 8 enters to my site and 1 product added to cart but not purchased. I had some views from insta page so today balance is : 24 views 1 product added to cart 0 sales.
I'll leave this ad for 24 h and will see results.
I relaunched too my yesterday ad with changed text, and will see too.
My first product is watch, 2nd is a phone case. I heard that these niches are really saturated is it true?
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A piece of advise: dont start investing on ads before your site is fully finished and optimized. You can also start driving free traffic through facebook groups, pinterest, reddit, youtube, etc, to test your store and start tweaking and optimizing for better conversion. So when you start paying for ads, you will make the best of your ad money.
Try really original products, and focus on microniches (not a regular watch, instead for example a bycicle watch), that way is easier to market the product.
I also think your own domain is a must. It's only 10 bucks, and also there are 1 usd domains in godaddy for first customers.
Anyway, good luck with your journey and keep us updated ;)
Okey, i turned off my ads. I decided that i must clean up english on my site becouse it looks very much like a foreign person who doesn't speak very good english has done all the copy writing and product descriptions.
Today also i buy a custom domain name. No sales from ads. 33 visits, no sales yet.
Yesteday i also set up a fanpage ad to make it more trustable and after night i have 900 likes for 3 $ lol
Good luck on your journey mate..
Just some suggestion on the ads.. Better focus only on fb.. IG ads didn't convert well for me. Get a lot of like but the CTR is so low.. If you want to advertise on IG better go for shout-out.. Just my opinion better ask for more experienced people here.. And buy a good domain first..
Need some advice why we need Shopify why can’t we use normal wordpress with ecommerce plugin. Because we need to pay 25$ per month for basic and for each sale you need pay Shopify transaction fee with will affect you profit margin. Instead you can reduce the cost and fund the money to FB ads right.

Yesteday i also set up a fanpage ad to make it more trustable and after night i have 900 likes for 3 $ lol

You got page likes or post likes have you targeted the audience for international or is it for US. How 3$ how much reach you got
As I know many people that are dropshipping through shopify, a few successful and even more unsuccessful I could give you some tips and pm me your link as I am a freelance webdesigner and have some good insight on design.

First off, get your own domain! Having the. extension looks cheap and is for amateurs.

If you targeting USA your website better have some clean English grammar.

You said you have a simple theme so I assume the minimalistic free theme from shopify, I would go with a different theme, if you have a fancy product, have a fancy looking website.

Have a nice logo and domain name (preferably brand .com name with no hyphens)

As already stated, don't spend on fb ads yet as there is where most people fail and spend a lot of money with no ROI, while their website isn't even finished. It sounds easy, dropping a FB ad and people will click but irl it's a lot harder, if your ad looks shitty people won't click it but I can help you with that.

Are you dropshipping from AE? I recently dropped a Udemy Course for that in the member downloads, get it! You might learn a thing or two.
Do you guys think that having only Paypal as payment option might make people abandon checkout? I have a lot of clicks from fb ads and no sales. Maybe this is why.
Do you guys think that having only Paypal as payment option might make people abandon checkout? I have a lot of clicks from fb ads and no sales. Maybe this is why.

Paypal is a good option. But if you only have paypal then people already notice you dont have a merchantid. So I think thats why.
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