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    Being a newb myself means that the amount of knowledge I have is limited and so my income sucks compared to those who have better experience. So I searched around a little bit, and found a useful resource:

    preview [fullstop] tinyurl [fullstop] co0m [fwdslash] 3w4wd32

    N.B. This is a preview so that you can verify that the website is not some sort of spam site, I just cannot link it directly because the forum moderation system detects certain words in the link as inappropriate.

    This provides basically everything that the newbie SEO sticky provides above, as well as a few more tips. Remember this focuses upon the Blng search engine, but it provides tips that are clearly compatible with G0oogle, as I've heard a lot of them mentioned before. As the document says, it's not an extensive list, but it's a damn good start for somebody who hasn't a single clue what they are doing, and has provided me with a website that jumped into the search engines and ranked in the top 100 within a couple days for a low-competition keyword (30K or less exact searches), without the input of black hat tools or link building at all.

    If there's anything on that list you don't understand, it's useless asking here because you will waste valuable time waiting for a reply, or it'll likely have been asked before so use the search tool - everything on that list can be researched into with a G0oogle search, so don't be lazy!

    Any discussion about other tips you've noticed are missing from that list that you believe are important/worth a mention, please post here, and if there are any questions, ask and I'll help, just make sure they're not pathetic questions (Go0ogle it first)
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