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Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by dpatel1357, Jan 7, 2011.

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    Hi, I have a few questions if anyone can help me out.

    So basically, my parents own a hotel. Because of the hotel, my family is living the way we are. And I want to do whatever I can with SEO to help improve the marketing for the business. I have made a website for the hotel, but I want to optimize it best as possible, so it gets more business through the website.

    The tools I have is SerpAssist (7 day full trial, I want to utilize to finish this SEO project for the hotel) and I also have Scrapebox and Scrapeboard.

    My dad said he would be willing to invest the $540 in XRumer if we needed it, because the business we would get would easily pay for it.

    My goal is to have the #1 spot on Google when people search the following keywords:

    lodging in corpus christi
    places to stay in corpus christi
    hotels in corpus christi

    Should I purchase articles pertaining to the keywords I want to rank for and put it on the hotel website?

    In SerpAssist (web 2.0 creator), should I put the articles I purchased, and have SerpAssist publish those articles to the web 2.0 properties? I am going to be creating linkwheels with serpassist, and then blasting the web 2.0 properties with SB/SBD

    Do I have the have the keywords I want to rank for on the website itself?

    Any tips/ideas/opinions are welcome
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    you're not ready for xrumer. Buying programs for fucks sake and overwhelming your senses can only lead to frustration and failure. your keywords are easy to rank for, just optimize the pages on your site for them and then get a few blasts from xrumer providers on this site.