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    Im trying to figure out seo for a wordpress blog and have a couple questions.

    Is the main point to build a website around one main keyword or do you try to be on top of google with different keywords?
    What are considered good keywords? 3 word sentances with under 500,000 pages in google?
    How many articles do you have to have for a keyword to be placed high in google?
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    It's not about how many articles you have it's about quality backlinks.
    Build a site around a niche and use 3-5 keywords/longtail keywords to use as anchor text for the backlinks you create.
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    Go to the Google keyword tool and enter your main keyword phrase for your blog - keep synonyms checked. Grab the first 5-10 that come up with adequate search volume that are also relevant to your site. Use these to create categories and post relevant keyword articles to these categories, e.g. an article on losing belly fat to 'Lose Belly Fat' and so on...

    Make your articles seem natural by sprinkling them with relevant LSI keywords - those that are relevant to the main keyword phrase and that Google would expect to see in an article based upon it. Keep posting daily in this way, build backlinks gradually as above and you'll be on your way.

    Good luck!
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