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    Nov 18, 2009
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    Hey guys. I am pretty new to the IM and have had a couple of websites that ended up being failures basically. I just found the site and I am amazed at how much wonderful info is on here. Anyway, I am really hoping to give the internet one more shot and finally make a little spending money off of it. I have a url - and would like to develop a site with iphone application reviews and news. I would monitize it by using my itunes affiliate account, adsense, and whatever else I can come up with. My question is, is this market too saturated at this point to make this a successful venture? The appstore is hugely popular right now, but there are many app sites out there also. I would like to use a mix of autoblog and custom articles that I would write. This would be more like a pet project for me and would be my only site. My goals would be to make a couple of hundred dollars a month. What do you guys think? Worth the time and effort? Any chance of achieving my goals?

    I am not one that really wants to have multiple niche websites that I don't care about. I would rather focus on one site that involves a subject I enjoy. My other thought for a site was a college sport team site. Any possible money to be made there?

    Thanks for any input you guys can give to hopefully help me get started on the right foot this time. Thanks.