Newbie questions about SEO


Aug 17, 2010

I pretty new here, reading and reading the whole site, trying to understand IM, but I have few questions:

1) I made a website. What do I have to do to rank it? What is the necessary? (linkbuilding, blacklinks, maybe ppc traffic , etc)

2) As I don't know anything about the SEO, I cant do these. What do you guys suggest me? Do it for myself, try my best and read guides, or order them?

3) If I want to order these services, from how much I would get the whole things for my website?

4) To start gain traffic from somewhere, should I start with PPC service?

Thanks for reading and for the answers,

1) Building backlinks is the most important thing to do.
2) Learn to do the seo yourself first so that you don't get ripped off
3) Goto the sevices for sale sub forum that shold give you some idea on cost
4) No do not use ppc if you are a newbie because you will lose all of your money. you need to target the right keywords and build links to your site
1. I would make sure your on-page seo is on point then just focus on building backlinks and updating your site with fresh content as often as possible.

2. I would suggest you at least try it yourself. This way you can learn a little something and if seo is not for you then you will have more of an idea if someone is doing it for you.

3. Seo is usually an ongoing uphill battle. If you are hiring a service the price will usually depend on factors such as: your market, competition, content costs, etc.

4. PPC is a great way to get instant traffic. As long as you can afford it.
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