Newbie question about social media

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    Aug 7, 2014
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    I started reading up on some things again and decided to look at some old accounts that I had automated a while back. I lost interest and forgot about them.

    I have a twitter account with 5k+ post... following a few hundred people... followed by like 60 people...

    Yes i know it is bad. Not great... It just auto post and every once and a while i'll get a like...

    My question is... is it possible to use this twitter account effectively? Can I make it an authority twitter account if i started posting legit stuff on it?

    I know I only have like 60 followers... Does this mean that if I change the niche of things I post about it wont really makea difference if I end up finding new followers ... is this correct?

    I really want to keep this twitter account because it has the name I want... but it is full of 5kish post of fluff that aint really relavent to what I want to use the twitter account for...

    But yea... if possibile what can I do to keep this account... what would be the positive and negative impacts on the account if i were to use it...?