Newbie Journey to $20/day from Adsense/Clickback or CPAlead

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    Hi everyone!

    I'v been on this forum for a long time. I was reading threads and didn't post anything. So this is my 1st thread.

    My Story with MI:

    Well i started getting into MI at a young age (15yo) but didn't accomplish something big.
    My 1st successful experience was with Fiver/oDesk (Upwork now). I did some translation work, design and writing.
    My 2nd successful experience last year, I earned 1000$ with Teespring, i know, it's nothing big.

    What I wanna accomplish:

    For now I just wanna have a decent income for a long period of time ($20/day), and I'm planning to do that with: Adsense and/or Clickback and/or CPAlead.
    I have and Adsense account for 3 years now ($5 earning), and a 4year old clickback account too. Plus a 2yo CPAlead. with no earning ofc.

    My Plan:

    I don't really have one. but am thinking of starting a niche site. and drive traffic from Tumblr, Instagram, facebook and Twitter.

    then, I'll monetize the traffic using Adsense and/or Clickback and/or CPAlead.

    I just bought a domain and 1year hosting from Godaddy (total: $80)

    I dunno anything about SEO. Am starting from scratch and i'm willing to learn alot from this Journey.

    Please fill me with any advice if you'v got some.

    I'll make sure to update this thread daily.
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    good luck with your journey
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    Looks like you are on the right track, however i would encourage you to put much emphasis on SEO to rank your site rather than earn from social media traffic alone. Social media should just be a starting point to boost your site before it starts to rank. Lots of good material on this site on SEO just use the search function. Good luck with your journey.
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    Good luck with this .