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    So, I have lurked around these forums for a few months now, but I have decided that I need to take action and start making some money. I am interested in affiliate marketing and promotion. My short-term goal would be $50 a day. I know this doesn't seem like much to many of you, but to me it would make a huge difference in my life right now. Please don't laugh, but here is my tentative plan on starting my path to this goal.

    -Sign up for 5-10 affiliate programs.
    -Place 5-10 videos for each on YouTube promoting the product, service, etc.

    A few questions. 1 - Can I outsource this work? 2 - Should I sign up for more than one YouTube account to promote the different products? 3 - Any tips on keywords, titles, etc.. for the videos would be very helpful. Thanks!
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    1.) Of course you can outsource.
    Account creation, vid creation, uploading, commenting, rating. Whatever you need.
    But before you spend money you should find out what works and what your strategy is.
    Once you have that clear you'll know what you need.

    2.) Yes.
    You should even create more accounts just for 1 product.
    Depending on your niche or your way of promoting accounts will be banned and vids deleted.

    I upload no more than 5 to 6 vids per account.

    One account sweat, I have 20 more to keep the traffic flowing.

    Make your vids in a way that you can cut off or add parts at the end. This way you can recycle your vids once they're banned.

    3.) Type your niche keywords in the search-box at YT and see what shows up.

    Feed the curiosity of people with your title.
    (the title (and the thumbnail) will be the 1st thing people see)

    Let's say your niche is office furniture:

    "Office furniture s*e*x scandal caught on tape"
    "Man killed in freak office furniture accident"
    "My god, I've never seen anybody do this with office furniture"
    "Great pranks to pull with office furniture"
    "This is the best office furniture joke ever"
    "Exploding office furniture...exclusive footage"
    "Office furniture cover-up...things they don't want you to know"
    "How I make money online with office furniture"

    P.S. I'm not in the office furniture niche.....:D
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