Newbie here - how to start out with MNS ?

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by Wooten, Nov 28, 2015.

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    Good day,

    I apologize in advance to the members who will be annoyed by newbie questions and yet another thread of such kind.

    Now I want to start my IM journey and considering my low monthly budget ( $50-150 a month ) for this venture I thought MNS would be the way to go.

    To let you know, I don't have any kind of experience in building these websites, but I want to learn. I'm neither afraid of work nor am I looking for a push button magic pill thing, but rather something that can be sustainable on the long run and maybe become a sort of passive income in the future or atleast make enough to be able to quit my day job.

    I have 2-3 hours a day to dedicate myself to this and I would appreciate if anyone could get me on track here by giving an advice on how to start with MNS ?

    I assume you need .com domain and hosting obviously. I'm not good at writing articles as I'm not native speaker, so I would be outsourcing them and I have no idea how to do SEO...

    Perhaps there's a comprehensive guide on such topic, because so far I am overwhelmed by information in this forum and at least a breakdown of what is necessary to build MNS would be highly appreciated. Like what things you need and how to promote them etc.

    I know all those questions are highly beginner ones and answers can be found around the forum, however when things are unclear, it's difficult to take what is useful and what is unnecessary garbage.

    Thank you in advance for any kind of input!
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    I'm sure there'll be others who'll chime in with regards to traffic generation etc, so I thought I'd drop my two cents on content of MNS and lead captures-

    Make sure your MNS has high-quality, useful articles. Minimum is 5 articles but I would recommend having 10-15. You can use pre-written ones (e.g. affiliate articles written by vendors) to start with, but re-write them, so that you'll rank better (as duplicate content does not rank). You can also outsource the writing/re-writing - check elance; you can get very good rates. If you are tight on budget, here's a trick to get quality content for cheap: find 10-15 good articles from other websites (relevant to the topic at hand), this can include the articles in a vendor's affiliate section. Copy and paste them in one word document. Now, when you post your job on elance, say that you are looking for someone to re-write a 5,000 word report (or whatever the total word count is). You will generally get lower prices quoted if you ask for this, then if you had to ask for someone to re-write 10 articles of 500 words each. Also, obviously getting re-writes is much cheaper than asking for articles written from scratch.

    Make sure you capture leads! On each page, have a banner/side ad inviting the user to download an exclusive free report or get a free email mini-course. When they click on it it would take them to a page where they will be invited to enter their email address for the download link - this will be your opt-in. Usually you'd get best results offering them a free pdf report , together with a follow-up email/s. Note that you will need to use an autoresponder for this. Aweber is my personal favourite, but if you are just starting out you may want to check out mailchimp as it is free up to 2,000 subs.

    Hope this helps a bit,
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    First find keyword
    Buy domain, hosting
    Buy content
    SEO: web2.0,comment,PBN...
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    Good luck