Newbie having problems getting a video ranked

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Steverob, Nov 25, 2012.

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    I am a newbie trying to get my YouTube video ranked which advertises my money site (because I've read that's easier than getting a website ranked) and not having much success - wondering what's going on. Maybe someone has some ideas..?
    I researched keywords, and found a pair of keywords relevant to the offering with just 14k hits on Google - named the video after the keyword, repeated in the title, and through the description, included link to the money site. Then started building backlinks.
    First question: does it matter what form the Youtube address takes for the backlinks? I used the short form but maybe I should have used the long form (hope you understand what I mean - the system is stopping me posting an example) (I use keywords for the anchor text.)

    I then built a link wheel with 5 different blog sites all with the keywords in the site name, and started building backlinks to those sites using NohandsSEO and Sick Submitter, and also uploaded the video to a bunch of video hosting sites. I also tried posting links on Soundcloud. (Not sure if that works but I've noticed that if you paste your site's hyperlink you can appear to get it showing on some high PR pages - but do search engines see user comments?) I created a FB fan page and posted the link several times and got a few 100 likes using a like exchange.
    I also experimented with a view bot but although it works I really would rather not go down that path.

    Anyway - nothing happening, at all. Any suggestions about what I should do next (apart from bringing in a expert)? I'm treating this as a training exercise for me so appreciate any help/advice.
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    You will need to rank your videos to at least 5th position for targeted keyword to see some results, patience.
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    Hi steverob,

    In my experience I would backlink to my "long" url as opposed to the short url. Also, how long has it been? Is this something that you have just started? i would give it 4 to 6 weeks before seeing some concrete results.

    As far as backlinking is concerned, I would look at about 2000 social bookmarks and even throw some fiver gigs at it.

    Dont forget to add comments, likes and "long views" as time on your video is a key to ranking these days.

    Hope this helps.