Newbie getting ready to venture into a YouTube niche!

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    Hello peeps,
    I recently joined BHW but have been like a sponge researching, reading as many articles as possible ( even at my day job :cool: ). Im not new to IM but have never ventured beyond standard "White-hat" and paid management, that is until now! Gotta say love the tools, I recently picked up a few goodies that I have on autopilot running through my instagram and facebook accounts.

    Anyways I have been researching heavily on Youtube and read through some great stories of success and outright fails ( banning and what-not). But wanted to ask anyones experience with Mass Video Blaster Pro. And also what do you recommend when starting Youtube accounts? A VPN or using Proxies? I don't want to run the risk of getting these banned. Are there any suggestions, tips or techniques to reduce the probability or getting banned? I read somewhere on this forum that avoiding Chrome reduced bans? is this true? please shed some knowledge on a Newb

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