Newbie Friendly-My 3 months journey with $30 in two paid affiliate sites

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    I am not an internet pioneer.Last three years I have been working as a freelancer and earned few thousands.Three months ago I started with a little $30 in two paid affiliate sites and now I am earning $30 per day average.There are both positive and negative reviews with every affiliate sites almost.But from my experience of last three years I acknowledge that internet earning is not 100% guaranteeing way from every aspect.So I started with that 50-50 chance.

    In the second month I spent $30 more to reinforce my mission and did daily little works.Now I am getting a good earning per day from those two affiliate marketing sites.I do not have to sell any product to earn.My little investment with risk is the only element to work for me.

    If any newbie wants to take this 50-50 chance mission,feel free to connect me via skype.