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[Newbie] Few questions after reading around

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by osiriskidd, Apr 10, 2016.

  1. osiriskidd

    osiriskidd Newbie

    Dec 3, 2015
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    Living life pretty rough now, basically living off credit, so i cant jump around experimenting with domains here and there

    so many methods here my head is going to explode, but i was hoping people who have tried many things, could give me a point in the right direction with a 0 startup cost? lol i know :( beggers cant be choosers

    i dabbled in web design here and there when i was young, so maybe we'll make our way towards a more profitable method after gaining some initial cash.

    i have a youtube channel about gaming (LoL) that i abandoned while i was doing physical work. about 2k+ subs, videos ranging from 10k-150k+ views, perhaps somebody more acquainted with youtube+blog money can give a few tips?

    TL;DR - what would be the best startup method for somebody without "experimenting" by throwing money in different directions?

    hope im not asking for much, i will post my journey if somebody helps the startup for the bigger picture :3
  2. Takoona

    Takoona Regular Member

    Aug 11, 2015
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    I wear many hats
    I'm no Youtube expert, but with zero money and with a Youtube account that has an OK audience, I'd probably look to build on what you already have. Join the Amazon Affiliate program and put links to related products in the description boxes of the videos. Also, if possible, monetise the videos with ads (Adsense).

    Then I'd take a look in the freebies section on this forum. Use some of those services to build some links / social shares to the videos. Then do a little keyword research and make some more videos that target certain aspects of gaming (new releases, gaming pads, whatever) which give you the chance to link to Amazon products in the description box.

    Maybe even start a free Blogspot blog that also talks about gaming and do the same there - Adsense - Few Amazon links (don't get the blog taken down for too many links) etc. Put that link in the video descriptions too. If you've got a few dollars to spare ($5 - $10) I'd probably experiment with a few of your videos by purchasing a cheap link blast (GSA - Xrummer etc).

    Take a look at some of the threads on here that talk about monetising Youtube also. Lots of great information here. Read, Learn, Customize, APPLY. Good luck.