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Newbie FAQ! The Readme for Black Hat World

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by JoeyDeLeon, Sep 6, 2008.

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    Jul 15, 2008
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    [PLEASE STICKY if it will help BHW]

    I don't know if this will be a worthwhile use of my time. I’m just bored out of my mind, so here goes:

    (NOTE : This guide is nowhere near complete. I will update it more when I have some time…)

    Table of Contents
    I. Introduction
    II. Member Downloads
    III. Jr. VIP and Beyond
    IV. Contributing
    V. Requesting
    VI. Getting Hated by the Community
    VII. Getting Rich with Black Hat World

    I. Introduction

    Welcome Newbie, to the BHW forums (Black Hat World)! This place can be a friendly haven of endless information for money-making ventures, but it can also be the living hell of fierce animals flaming each other until a moderator comes and breaks up the violence temporarily. It depends on which forum you’re at at the moment ;)

    Anyways, I’ve noticed this site isn’t exactly user-friendly. Well, it looks like it is, but that’s what it wants you to think. There’s more to it than meets the eye… for me, it took approximately 2 weeks before I understood enough of BHW to avoid falling into a bottomless pit of virtual doom. (In lay-man’s terms, you never stop learning about BHW; there’s always something new to master about the site)
    Hopefully, after this guide, you’ll be ready to take on these forums. “Ready” in a sense that you won’t be wasting any time on the forums. You’ll see later why you might waste some time here.
    Without any more ado (crap), here we go (Déjà vu?)…

    II. Member Downloads

    The Member Downloads will be the section most newbies visit for the first 4 weeks (I’m a professional noob so it took me only 2 weeks.). Why? Because they’re leechers that just want dibs on the best and latest software/ebooks/eye candy crap that they THINK will make them easy money online.

    And they’re smart to do so, because there really is some gold to be found in the Member Downloads.

    But, what most newbies don’t realize, is this crucial truth:

    The more time you spend hunting around for gold, the less time you have for ACTUALLY EARNING MONEY. ​

    Newbies get so lost in the “abundant” information, that they forget the purpose of their stay on Black Hat World. To make friends. Kidding.
    Their purpose is to find easy, usually illegal, ways that they may apply in order to earn money online. Instead of applying the methods they learn, they just download more and more ebooks, leave them on their Desktops to be forgotten, and find more eBooks (maybe software this time around). Why do newbies do this? I don’t know really, because I do it too ;). I think it’s because there are so many nice software (or nice, tricky sales letter pages :) ) out there that when we see them, we can’t fight the urge to download it.

    And there many nice, tricky sales letter pages in the Member Downloads.
    So in order to avoid falling into the trap of falling in love with downloading (and downloading, and downloading and…), learn to avoid the Member Downloads.

    I haven’t downloaded a single file from Member Downloads today (except one, because I promised to review it ;) ) and I found myself with more time on my hands. I’m just not using it productively :p.

    The technique is to only use the Member Downloads if you need a new method because you have no more methods to use, or because you’re method sucks so bad you earn only a few dollars a month.

    III. Jr. VIP and Beyond

    Okay, so you discovered the goldmine named Member Downloads. Well, it’s not the “goldest” goldmine here. The real treasures of Black Hat World is in the Jr. VIP section, and beyond. I frankly am not a Jr. VIP member yet, so I can’t really support my say with honest evidence, but it’s obvious that the community is holding back the best downloads/whatever in that section. Didn’t you notice that the Member Downloads has a 1:10 ratio of Gold and Crap? That’s because all the real gold is in the exclusive sections.

    Now, to become Jr.VIP, you have to have met the following requirements:
    1. Member for at least 30 days
    2. Made 100 posts
    3. Paid for the subscription ($47 for 3 months, $97 for 1 whole year)

    Many people expect to become Jr. VIP just for paying. If BHW was a scamming community, it would grant you access immediately. But BHW isn’t a scam; it wants to build a thriving group of money-makers and to do so, it must accept only the elite people who are really after riches through a team effort, and not a solo one.

    IV. Contributing

    If you wanna be respected in this community, you have to contribute.
    But, you can also just be a worthless leecher you’re whole stay here and still access the goodies.

    If you’re kind-hearted though, you’ll help out this community because not everyone here will be this kind, or loyal forever. Some of the bigtime members here WILL leave behind everyone some time. Not sure when, but it will happen… then, whose gonna be left to keep the spirit alive?

    So, if you wanna help, it’s really simple. All you have to do, is find your own methods of making money online that have not been discovered yet.
    Okay, so if you’re not really creative, you can also search Google for thank you pages. Thank you pages contain the product of a website. Obviously, it is illegal to do so, but Google won’t rat you out. Neither will we ;)

    And so, you have two options :
    1. Share your own Blackhat Methods
    2. Give out the links to “Thank You” pages of Products

    Note : For the products, share only what you think will be useful to the community. An eBook on Cookie Stuffing will be more useful to us than a Super Complete Dog Training Program, with Free Platinum Leash and Real Gold Energy-Producing Headband. (Well, we could sell the platinum leash and headband, so it might be helpful actually…)

    V. Requesting

    This is why I explained about Contributing. 99% of you newbies will and WILL request for at least one program/ebook/crap during their stay here at BHW. Some assholes among you will even ask for 1 A DAY. Now, this is all well and good, but to request constantly without giving back, is plain rude. So, to even out the scale, you should contribute when you request. To request, just go to the Download Requests subsection of the Member Downloads.

    VI. Getting Hated by the Community

    There are people meant to be hated by everyone. Look at George Bush. It’s a basic way of life.
    Now, here in BHW, if you do one of the following things, you WILL be hated and/or flamed and/or eaten alive by pink bunnies in your sleep:

    1. Request for lots of programs without helping the community
    2. Fighting/Flaming with many members
    3. Fighting with a popular member or administrator/moderator
    4. Submitting the same program that’s been submitted OVER AND OVER AGAIN
    5. Scamming the community with a download or method
    6. Not following the Rules
    7. Asking a question that’s been asked and answered SO MANY TIMES

    There are many more but I just can’t remember right now.

    VII. Getting Rich with Black Hat World

    To get rich with Black hat techniques, you have to apply them.

    47% of you newbies will NOT apply any of the techniques here. They will just download and download and… (you know what comes next)

    57% of you newbies will NOT apply more than one technique here.

    70% of you newbies will NOT apply a technique consistently for more than a month, sometimes just 3 weeks.

    99% of you newbies will NOT become rich. Why? Because you didn’t apply, you didn’t persevere, and you kept trying to do something that’s already obsolete.

    Instead of writing a cheesy end, I’ll end it here. Good luck everyone! Thanks for reading!
    Check back for more updates and info…
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