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Newbie experince with CPA account approval

Discussion in 'CPA' started by TheNinja, Oct 9, 2009.

  1. TheNinja

    TheNinja Registered Member

    Jul 4, 2008
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    Some CPA accounts don't give a shit and just sign you up lickety split. This one was different (I'd rather not mention then company....yeah, I am paranoid :) ):

    1. Signed up online
    2. Got rejected due to some arbitrary reason
    3. Pointed out some of my websites (ranked very nicely, thank you), explained some of my marketing techniques, and why I wanted to be their affiliate. I NEVER, EVER mentioned the use of email, which I think is a no-no.
    4. I was invited to re-apply :)

    What did I get from all of this?

    1. If a CPA company rejects you, and you think you have a legitimate reason to be considered (which I do), tell them, show them. The point is, don't just walk away, if you really want to be their affiliate.
    2. Having a website is a must. As obvious as it sounds. In my case, my niche was a good fit for them, and I also think it helped that I am ranked #1 for some specific keywords, ahead of some pretty major websites. For all I know, ranking doesn't even matter.
    3. Keep the email reply professional (if that's the medium being used). I replied by actually saying that I was surprised by their decision. :) After that, I gave them the urls and some pertinent info.

    Just wanted to share and hopefully motivate my fellow newbs to not be intimidated by signing up for CPA accounts.
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  2. SecretMoney

    SecretMoney Regular Member

    May 13, 2009
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    Internet Marketer
    thanks for your share