[NEWBIE] can you take 5 minutes to help me? I totally don't understand some things

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    I am totally newbie here. For first I tried to make money with reuploading porn videos but nobody could help + i don't know if CrakRevenue will verify my account and let me register. Now i am going to make money with Pinterest. Thread link: [Guide] Make Money with Pinterest. Noob Friendly and ready for twists.

    1) I could not register on Pinterest,it says "Failde to process invite code",what should I do?
    2) To register on AdSense I need website,but I am not web developer,so what should I do or I have no chance to make money without knowing web developing?
    3) How will i get the money, I need to insert AdSense link on my blog or something,then people will click this link and I will get the money?
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    Seems like you have alot more reading to do.
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    If I was you I'd read Googles basic overview of Google Adsense first. Then look up some HTML tutorials and think about what you'd love to write about :)
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    Hi welcome to BHW. Yes, you need to have a website, insert adsense ads, get some visitors to your website and hope that will generate some money if they click at your ads, in order to get adsense account approved, you will need at least 6 month old website with unique contents. If you just creating a website today and apply for adsense, 99% will be rejected.

    But good thing is, you can buy adsense account @ fiverr.com.
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    Here a quick method.

    adsence and youtube

    what your need.

    host(( for website)
    x1 1200 article niched
    youtube account x20
    adsense account
    domain name
    free youtube downloader
    youtube editer
    youtube commenter

    if you use vlad's softwere , your need
    x20 proxies.

    go and find a niche , there millions look up
    youtube and get one, in this example ill use comedy

    setup wordpress , i am going on this forum, and order a
    1200 detailed worded comedy article, and add this to my new Wordpress website,
    Know iam going to add adsence to the top of my website and left side of my website
    and bottom of my website, ill set adsence to comedy niche.

    know ill buy x20 youtube accounts from this forum.

    i know need to download 2000 comedy youtube videos,
    you will need to chop every video , and add your
    own website url to the video , better the url is seen better
    the traffic , you can do a intro or a good watermark or both.

    know the fun , upload 100 video's to each youtube account,
    You should have know 2000 edited comedy video showing your

    if u need a application to upload video , i sugest you use vlad
    website, blastersuite

    know i need you to get a youtube commenter,
    you need to goto the video's and make a comment about your new website and
    leave a website link.

    Do some research in your niche and add the keywords
    to your youtube comment space.

    to make life easy i suggest a commenter, this way you can
    comment on all your video fast.

    That it really , the more video/accounts you create, The more traffic
    your get , and traffic equals cash.

    If you can afford it, vlad from blastersuite does supply views for youtube accounts
    , This allows the video go to top of page .

    good luck bro.
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