Newbie asking about raising pagerank on targeted domains

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by grenty, Sep 29, 2010.

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    I am selling a product in a semi-competitive niche and am fortunate enough to own several domains that would match a number of organic search terms.
    For example: I am selling product X and I own: XCompany dc, TheXCompany dc, WhatIsX dc, BuyXOnline dc. The intention is to have the WhatIsX and BuyXOnline sites funnel searchers to my XCompany sites.

    As it stands now, my site is around 2 months old and I rank around top of the 4th page for the keyword 'X company'.

    When someone searches for 'X company', I want my site site to be #1 in the SERP. What is the most effective way to get my sites to the top of their matching search terms.

    I have been trying to add links from high PR sites (mainly through profile links) and have paid a directory submission service to add some more backlinks. What should my next step be?

    Thanks for any help and or advice to a newbie SEO!
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    Keep getting backlinks to your main site. Also try article marketing. It will generate a mass amount of traffic.
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