Newbie affiliate journey to $50/day

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    Hey BHW, welcome to my journey thread.
    Here I will post stories of my trials and tribulations as a noobie IM, and maybe some pictures of boobs from the internet if you’re lucky.
    So, here goes nothing.

    I am 18 years old, and my goal is to become financially independent within 6 months.
    I am currently taking a gap year, and am staying with family in Israel.
    I am living for free, and have practically no responsibilities.
    This is an opportunity for me to fully immerse myself in a project, and hopefully make it successful.
    I’ve dabbled around with social media before, but I never fully dedicated myself to it.
    This is going to be my first whack at making an affiliate site, and I am determined to do whatever necessary to make it work.

    I started this project 3 days ago, and since then I have done the following:

    I have already found a niche with multiple easy keywords to rank for, and I happen to know a lot about this niche naturally so writing content is easy.
    There are 2 keywords which I am trying to rank for to begin with:
    KW #1 gets 10k searches per month, and Ahrefs, Hubspot, and SemRush rate it’s difficulty as 9, 21, and 71 respectively.
    KW #2 gets 40k searches per month, and the same platforms as above rank it’s it’s difficulty as 9, 45, and 77 respectively.
    I am going to start by using a much easier variation of KW #2 which gets 2k searches, and then once my page gets a better rank I will try and rank for KW #2 itself.
    I am a bit concerned by this wide variation between these different KW tools, but I have done research on my competitors and I am confident I can rank for KW1, atleast.
    If anyone can recommend another KW tool that I can use to cross check these results, I would really appreciate it.

    I have created a sexy website, and have 5 high quality 1000+ word articles up.

    My plan moving forward:

    For the next week I will create 1 web 2.0 pointed at either my KW 1 article, my KW 2 article, or my homepage.
    For these web 2.0s I will have bought 30 high PA expired tumblrs, and will mix in fresh accounts from other platforms for diversity.

    I will set GSA SER to make 30-40 contextual links pointing to each web 2.0 every day (is this a good number).
    I’m not sure how many spam links I should be pointing at each contextual links, and I would appreciate some advice on it.
    After all this, I will buy some social signals, and point them… Somewhere. I’m not totally sure if I’m supposed to be pointing these signals all to my money site, or to send some further down the pyramid as well.

    Thank you everyone for reading, and thank you in advance to anyone who helps me.
    Now, as promised: [​IMG]
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    Good Luck