Newb journey to Google Serp - Everyone join to help me!

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by eestisiin, Oct 27, 2008.

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    Hello there BlackHatWorld!

    Well I have been active within IM for about 3 years maybe with some success. Now I am trying to go on another round and start promoting some websites to the top of google. I thought it would be a great thread for all newbs to get information, since I find hard going through all threads where is a lot of information.

    Im going to post my story with which you can help me daily and give me advice about some steps :)

    The Goal

    1) My first goal is to get to top 5 SERP in google with some easy yet good term which is a "buying keyword".
    2) Second goal is to make a website for 1000$ weekly sales, thats aprox 4000$ for month, and I think it is attainable.

    Help needed: Nothing pops up at the moment..


    1) Find a good niche keyword. Any recommendations for good free tools are welcome.

    Here is a list of tools, which I use:


    Help needed: Any recommendations and eye opening ideas of how to find good niche are welcome!


    This is the section where I will put ideas of how to get to the top, I hope that You will discuss about those ideas and give me evaluation whether its good or bad!

    1) Should I get 5 different domains (keyword related) and buy hosting from example seo-hosting that offers different C-Block IPs? Then build 5 blogs and post related news on each blog and back linking them to my main website?

    C-Block Ip thread is here -

    1)Should I cross link those sites to each other?
    2)How often should I back link to my website?
    3)What more should I know about blog building?

    2)Should I build 5 Hubpages and then link them to my main page? Is this more efficient than C-Block IP address thingy?

    1)Should I create each hub from a different username?
    2)Should I cross link those hubs?
    3)Additional information is welcome!

    Help needed: More additional information of promoting would be good! I mean I would like to know more about social bookmarking and how and what. What are the key components, I have never used them and therefor I dont understand their possibilities, are they just good to get indexed or should I have million friends there to promote my links to them?

    Also - how dangerous is xrumer - I have used it for a year (never actually learning it hardly) I was able to xrumer my AVG website to yahoo top serp, but google has sandboxed me always, whenever I bring xrumer out. What to do?

    Im sorry, I have to go for an hour or more, but I will get back to this thread and finalize it :)
    PS! Your ideas are already welcome, so I can add them to my post :)

    Thank You in advance,
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    affiliate marketing..... i do mentoring on this crap.... big money but you gotta work for it...
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    Sadly, I can not modifiy my first post, or can not find the right button :(

    Anyways - back to topic!
    Affiliate Marketing I have done, I have worked for Clickbank and therefor I am thinking of going on with it!

    lewi - Could you be more precise of what you exactly mean :)

    Questions part 2

    Webpage structure

    How should I construct my webpage, so G would love it :)?

    1) Ok, I know all the whitehat stuff that I have to do on website, although there are some things that I just dont get.
    Will RSS feed on the main page give me any advantage? If yes, then suggest what tools to use, to have rss feed on main page.

    Example:Another thing, lets say I have a website called MyNicheKeyword.smth Then I have a structural layout something like this:

    Main Page - Product - News - Tips - About Us.

    Should I have changing information on the main page, which is index or it doesnt matter if the changing information is under the news section, which is scraped from rss feeds? Does it matter or not? Also would it pay of, if I have a Blog on my website also and I link from my blog to different parts on the website?

    I creat SEO friendly urls so all my own news are like this MyNicheKeyword.smth/related_keywords.html
    I think You got the idea, well would it matter, if I would link to them from my blog which is located MyNicheKeyword.smth/Blog?

    QuestionAlso a big question that is bothering me - HOW MANY LINKS PER DAY?? I mean, I have created some HubPages and just as I add them to Digg or some other social bookmarking site, it gets a**raped by google, so it is deindexed! Therefor I have a question, what sites to avoid, how many links per day. I think this number can vary a lot, but I believe that people have tested it. I have heard that 50 links per day is OK, but what to do, if my domain is just new? Will it kill me in the eyes of G?

    So to get me started, I am of to search some niches. And because of this, i have one really stupid question!

    Question How to determine difficulty of a niche? Any ideas and tools are welcome :)

    Thank You,