New Years Newbies Tips

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    • If you like must newbies you always visit this forum every second than let me tell you something you should stop visiting this forum and take ACTION,this forum will hold you back because this forum hold allot methods.
    • Find a Niche and stick with it "me personally never made my first 800$ till i had stick with my niche that was"social media".
    • IF you wanna earn 1/day 10/day 50/day 1k/day this what you need to do is believe make your mind want it don't just say i wanna make this xxx$ amount and the next day you go to a new method.make your mind want to earn xxxx$.

    when i said stop visitng the forum this what it really meant"take break from BHW dont always come visit every second,because you will become lazy reading all the new threads.if you take a break and take action you can make it.