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    If you are on this great forum then you are more than likely busy learning and taking action etc... I would just like to add to the mix that health should be the #1 priority to really excel at IM and make sure you are firing on all pistons; so you will be around to reap the benefits, when success comes.

    This thread is for all my fellow IM warriors battling the forces of evil on the journey to attain financial freedom. In this case, its the electromagnetic radiation, wifi and low quality foods etc...
    Some of these are necessary evils, to do what we do.

    Whether you are aware of it or not, I assure you, this is a life or death topic.

    I'm going to bring up a few things that I have not seen really seen talked about here on BHW, that I truly believe has relevance to the bigger picture we are all going after.

    Bare with me, as it may seem off topic; though it is actually pretty relevant to success (in my opinion).

    We are up against a lot of bad things. GMO, RF, EMF etc... the list goes on too. Somethings we cant do anything about however, somethings we can.

    Strengthening our immune system is never a bad idea and should be a priority IMHO.

    My nightmare story (with no buy now button yet) lol

    I have been working with computers for about 15 years. The last few years I have developed some sort of hyper sensitivity to them. After 10 hours there is a good chance I wont be able to sleep or I will get bad anxiety and have a very, very rough night. I have been to the hospital over this crap and I can testify its no fun! Continual exposure to this stuff can obviously led to bad places and is a deep topic.

    To combat this issue, I have been into heavily exercise for a few years now; which really has changed my life for the better. In 2014 I am in great shape BUT no matter how good shape and my diet is, these dam computers are effecting me nowadays.

    What sucks is this year I am scaling my IM businesses and starting to finally get some decent results, that are making me want to turn things up a notch.

    However, my body is telling me NO MORE 15 HOUR WORK DAYS!

    Right around 10 hours is when I start to feel the "too much computer headache" thing.

    For those of us effected by this issue we got a couple options.

    Option #1 - Return to the world of normal 8 hour work days.

    Option #2 - I wanted to bring up a slightly crazy sounding subject, though it is very interesting and possibly a solution to stay grinding 15 hours a day lol.
    Again this may sound crazy, but some people make Faraday cages and enclose things like computers to shield the bad stuff away and protect us.
    I have heard of people shielding whole rooms and their sleep and health improving significantly.

    Regardless if this sounds a little crazy, the point of this thread is to be a good friend and just mention that if no one else around you is REALLY bringing up the topic of HEALTH on a deeper level, well maybe reconsider who your true friends are. Hell back in the day my friends used to push drugs on me and they wonder why we don't hang out anymore when they are still doing the same crap 10 years later and still struggling with a crummy job. The hard part, is that there is a part of me that misses these old friends; but it's pretty easy to get sucked back into that world and waste a lot of time and kill the progress I have made and hell possibly kill myself in the process. Word to the wise sometimes you got to cut things out of your life if they are not enhancing your life.

    Food for thought - enjoy

    I'm wishing all you guys and gals health wealth and happiness.

    PS growing a garden is and incredible secret weapon you can use to not only bring your bills down, yet more importantly acquire REAL FOOD that really does bring you brain power, focus, clarity, energy and a solution to many issues. This could be a side project BUT it could be the most important one! Don't get me started on aquaponics (Hint)
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    i've had those 15 hour computer days also bro.
    it's definitely un-healthy.
    i try to limit my computer time to around 6 hours per day, the less the better, i recommend people to do the same.
    you just need balance in life, and spending 80% of your awake time in front of a screen is not balance at all.
    at least take a break for an hour or 2 by getting outside, enjoy the outdoors and nature because computers are 100% artificial.
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    The computers aren't the problem - it's the 15 hours you spend staring at the screen.

    Eat right, exercise right and rest right and you'll be golden.

    Also make sure you take regular breaks from sitting in front of a screen.

    Sitting all day is not healthy and neither is staring at one position all day. They are most likely the causes of your sleep problems.
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    thanks bros! that was great addons to the purpose of the thread

    I exercise like a mofo and take breaks and eat all greens. BUT yes 15 hours is a big part of the problem. I have backed down to 10 ish but even thats too much for sure. The funny thing is many people think that stopping working on computers and then going and staring at a movie and watching that is relaxing. I quit watching TV years ago time suck and mind suck while still being exposed to some of these issues I brought up HDTV's having wifi and all.

    Do no discount the EMF stuff though, there is a lot of science to how dangerous it is, that has been hidden from the main stream conversation.

    After much personal testing, I know these dam computers, screens, HDTV's, high power electronics etc...effect me.

    Thanks EmpireQuality I think 6 hours a day or less on computers is a great suggestion.

    For me at least there is no getting around it, there are things coming off these electronics that is not natural and it can reap havoc on our bodies. There is hard science on this though hidden easy to find if you dig. Sleeping with an ipad under your pillow is obviously not a good idea.

    After 15 years of this, I am glad I can finally feel what it is doing to me and know when to take a break.

    IMHO diet and exercise may not be enough

    I recall a study that revealed that a weekend camping away from EMF re-balances the serotonin / melatonin in your brain naturally something that no pill can do and you get GOOD Sleep for awhile while improving many areas of your life such as overall happiness. I know 1 month camping was incredible for me! Life changing in fact.

    In my opinion its probably more than a good idea to go camping away from it all once a month. I know many healers agree.
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