New with $20 in my pocket.

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    Sep 9, 2016
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    New to the entirety of all of this. Found these forums while doing research for basic tumblrmoney methods.

    I've been running about 30 nsfw niche tumblr blogs since June, I just use pop-up ads from Exoclick and banner ads from Anonymous-Ads, pulling in about a $1 a day. Recently got my first $20 exoclick cashout. After reading here, I know I can do better.

    Been reading the forums for the last 8 hours, only then did I find the actual tumblr subforum. Oi vey, I'll be reading for weeks. I took a break to eat something and post this.

    I just finished reading Aesis32's Instagram thread in the IM Journey forum and that's opened up a whole world to me as I've never used IG before. I plan on delving into that and CPA after I get some sleep.

    I've got a goal of $300/month which would pay my current bills with a small amount for reinvestment. I figure if I read and put in the work, I can achieve that within 2 months. Hopefully less, I learn quickly.


    postedit: if anyone has a suggestion on what I should immediately do with my largest tumblr (8500 followers, nsfw blowjob niche) I'm all ears. It is currently running ads with exoclick and a banner with a-ads, that's all. Next largest is 1k followers, the rest are all below 500.