New Windows VPS Is Slow,Freezing And Stuttering:What Is The Wayout?

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    Jun 5, 2011
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    Hi all, i am new to to windows VPS. I bought one yesterday to run SEO tools and applications on it. After the provider sent me the server credentials, i connected successfully but the thing is very slow,freezing and stuttering.

    For example, when i launched chrome,explorer and mozilla browsers on it and visit to know the server speed,the server was just screen tearing slowly when loading the speedtest graphical result.

    When i contacted the support i was told it is because of my location and local internet connection speed (i am in Africa while the VPS provider and his server are in Chicago USA,also,my local internet connection maximum speed is 300kbps)

    The VPS company advised me to re-set something in the Remote Connection box which i did, but did not solve the problem.

    So my question is how do i stop the freezing,slowness,stuttering and get the VPS to work perfectly.

    PS: This is the feature of the VPS package:

    Disck space: 120GB

    Memory(RAM) 2GB

    Internet Speed: 100Mbps

    Bandwith Allowance: Unlimited.