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New website Link building combination to get ranked#1?

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by everydayimhustling, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. everydayimhustling

    everydayimhustling Regular Member

    Oct 20, 2011
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    Usually NYC
    OK hi Im posting this thread as a question cuz ima newbie in SEO

    I have a new website its a micro niche site with easy competition and EMD
    i have 2X400word articles about the keyword and the niche

    thats sums up the site.

    now the important part: i want to rank a this website to be 1st on google for my main keyword.

    the thing is ,there are so many link bulding methods out there and some of the tactics are old and people saying they aren't working (example is forum posting)but on the other side some people say it does work.

    it confuses me and puts me in a position where I cant choose a tactic to rank my website.
    can any 1 help me and suggest a technique that is working for him with micro niche website?
    maybe a process that includes example
    ( submitting to XX bookmarking sites,submitting to XX article directories , building EDU profiles ?)
    i know doing all of this manually can be really tough and takes a lot of time so i got all these great services in BHW that im tempted to use and again! i cant decide where to begin(cuz of low budget) but also cuz I dont want to do anything wrong and get my site off google's index..

    Im hoping to get helpful responses and up to date tactics or techniques ..

    Thanks in advance for every person trying to help.
  2. Cynikal

    Cynikal Newbie

    May 11, 2010
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    First things first,

    SEO is not a overnight thing. It can take up to YEARS before you see any decent rank.

    You and every single one of your competitors want to be ranked #1 on Google, and the ones who are #1, wish to remain there.

    With a new site, your best bet is to target a long tailed keyword.

    Example: Say you are advertising Web Hosting.

    Web Hosting is a very general, open ended keyword. It will be extremely hard to rank for "Web Hosting".

    However, it would be MUCH easier to rank #1 for "Shared Web Hosting in Chicago, Illinois".

    Once you've dominated (ranked #1) on a few long tailed keywords, you can then start to narrow down your keywords some. Ex: "Shared Web Hosting in IL". Then eventually down to just "Web Hosting".

    The #1 way to gain an increase in your SERPS(Search Engine Rank Position) is to generate/acquire QUALITY, NON SPAMMY, DO FOLLOW Back Links.

    Back Links with your anchor text of your keyword is vital. If you are unsure what Anchor text is, or even a back link, please look it up.

    With the recent google algorithm change, they favor fresh content over old "stale" content. What classifies it as new versus old is unclear. But, if you keep your content fresh, get good quality back links, and make sure your site is clear of any errors (Broken Links, Bad Pictures, Excessive Tags, Misspellings) you should see a decent increase in rank in about 6 - 12 months.