New Version of TubeBooster

yeah i had it cracked for a while now, but i couldn't get into my account to post it.
I am not the one who cracked this, it's a friend of mine. I don't know which method he used.
Oh yeah? Anyway, which method did you use? I know Reflector + Reflexil, but which class file did you edit?
Thanks YouTube for the crack. I am testing it and it seems to work for comments, ratings and favorites, albeit it's much slower than before even without proxies.
Can someone explain to me how to add an account to tubebooster? i mean i made a txt. file with the name then : pass and load it up and it seems to go through but it says 0 succeeded still how do i load the accounts so it would work could someone pm me with this or post here to explain this to me because the crack for 2.1 does work and it is registered and all i just need to know how to use this a little better for ranking and comments and favorites only i am not using it for views because the views are nto working at all for really anything
Hey, this software is working! Just added 25 views to other's video. :)

I want to ask, is there any limitation to increase the views? I afraid youtube will find this if the views are increased too much
Apparently YouTube did some sort of maintenance and the current 2.1 version no longer works on rating/favorites/commenting. It was working absolutely fine a week ago or so. Can anyone confirm this?

I guess I'll just wait for the next version.
Can someone give me the new patch of TubeBooster version
The other version doesn*t work anymore.
I will rate your video 1000 5stars when you pm me with the new patch.
The software is on the do not share list. I have a license and it works for me. didn't work but this one does.
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