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New Update: Xrumer 4.083 and Hrefer 2.83

Discussion in 'Black Hat SEO' started by Botmaster_Support, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Botmaster_Support

    Botmaster_Support BANNED BANNED

    Oct 26, 2007
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    List of changes:

    XRumer 4.083

    + All included links databases are updated
    + Leak of memory at recognition of some captcha was fixed
    + Critical error in module of macros processing is fixed (the leak of memory is stopped)
    + A really bad and difficult bug in captcha recognition was fixed. This bug had been appearing at using a big number of
    treads. Stability of Xrumer work was increased.
    + Error in schedule was fixed (at changing of database number)
    + The error "Cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" in plug-ins is fixed
    + The stability of work of proxy-checker is increased.
    + Errors in checking proxy are corrected, reliability of check is raised; moreover, it is added, the possibility of
    checking those proxies / SOCKS which have been saved after previous check
    + The tool "Links converter" is modified
    + Errors of posting are corrected at the included option "Allow to post only if priority categories exist"
    + File problem with opening the XML-projects created by external programs is corrected
    + The bug of connection to some sites, which contains numbers, is fixed.
    + The limit of "Message text" from Project window was removed. Now message text can contain only 1 (one) line.
    + Errors in options of auto filling are corrected
    + In edit window of project is added the button "Synonymize!" - for adding of synonyms in variation (database of 8000
    synonyms, for now only in English)
    + In "Synonymize!" option was made some changes.
    + The error on posting topics on actualpost.aspx is corrected
    + The error in schedule is corrected: now, if the schedule is included, when posting is done the option "Auto
    continuation" is not disabled
    + Work of MassPM mode is fixed. Now it is possible to send MassPM in Invision Power Board.
    + Auto-registration on blogs "wp-signup.php", where captcha are not used, is worked out. It is necessary to use "Only
    registration" mode (in advanced options). Then, make 2 times links activation from email box.
    + We disabled in defaults settings ref. spam option because it may low success rate of posting process. On many resources
    is used protection from ref.spam.
    + The program was trained to work with some new types of guest books and blogs
    + Autoregulation of treads number is added. If the number of letters exceeds 500 at uploading of activation links from
    mailbox, the number of treads is temporarily reduced (for the period of uploading of letters).
    It is possible to change the number to which treads decrease during uploading letters, by editing xuser.ini, the line
    ThreadsLowNumber =
    + The problem with "Creating a poll" in edit window of the project is corrected
    + The error "Range check error" is corrected at loading reports with big size
    + The error at creation RLinksList database is corrected
    + The slowing down problem of posting process through big databases (more than ten billions links) is fixed. The problem
    was in graphic interface.
    + Duplicates of activation links from email box are filtered, now. It is increased reliability of downloading letters.
    + Auto registration of email account on Gawab.com is returned.
    + The problem of email autoregistration on mail.ru service is corrected, and after registration the data are registered
    automatically in browser - it became even easier to check up email
    + The problem of email autoregistration on mymail-in.net service is corrected
    + Processing of dropping down lists <select> is modified: now the program selects the necessary item according with list
    of priority sections
    + Problem with memory leak is solved, appearing at undervaluing of parameter "Maximal size of loaded page"
    + Number of logic errors is corrected, including a small error at #gennick usage
    + Recognition of some types of JavaScript-protection is improved
    + Small errors in creation of reports are corrected, including at posting in ZLinksList
    + The work of tool "Delete duplicated links" is fixed.
    + The tool "Delete all links according to black list" is fixed;
    + The option of checking the existence of working links after posting is added: file xuser.ini, section
    [AdvOptions], field CheckForActiveLink = (1 - to check, 0 - to not check).

    It is NOT recommended at posting in ZLinksList database and in express mode to select this option.
    + The problem of transfer lines in "Links database analysis" tool is corrected.
    + The option of depth check on presence of sent post / links is added: file xuser.ini, section [AdvOptions], field
    CheckPostLevel = (0 - standard level, 1 - check both on page of last server answer, and on page of post sending, 2 - check
    on all internal pages of site)
    + Test Project showing with tags "size=" and "center" is fixed
    + Now, Project name can contain "-" and "_"
    + Some problems at operating with file system are corrected
    + Some functions of XRumer are optimized.
    + Maximum number of treads is increased from 700 up to 1024.
    + Help file is updated
    + Program protection against illegal copying is improved and totally updated. Authorization at start of Xrumer working
    can pass longer.
    + Interface is completely compatible to Windows Vista
    + The problem of compatibility of XRumer with Windows Vista is solved.
    + Interface is translated in German language
    + Interface was modified (especially Project editing window)
    + Plug-in to link Internet Explorer with XRumer is added. It allows to check how the program fills the fields, what
    fields the program knows - and which are not known. Also, this plug-in can be used for speedup of filling forms at
    manually posting. It is recommended to use browser IE 7.0.5730.11 and above; also in near future will appear similar
    plug-in for FireFox

    Hrefer 2.83

    + Now queries in parsing table are clickable - it is possible to look at results of search engine by current queries
    + Error with usage of capital letters at collecting words through "Add words from Google" is corrected
    + Yahoo parsing is worked out, even with keywords "site:" and "linkdomain:"
    + MSN and Yandex parsing is fixed
    + The speed and the "deepness" of Google parsing is increased.
    + The bug that misses words, which contain numbers, from Words database is fixed. For example: such queries as
    "inurl:2007/01/01 site:.com" was missed.
    + The minimal number of words in Words database is lowered up to 10
    + Autosave time of database is increased with 1 minutes up to 5 minutes
    + Corrections in algorithm of proxy checking are made
    + Sorting by Google PageRank is improved.
    + Folder "proxyc" is updated. Now, it is working on PHP 5
    + Possibility of parsing with delay is added: file hrefer.ini, field ParsingDelay =; is set in seconds
    + Now, it is possible, to set frequency of update of proxy list: hrefer.ini file, field RefreshProxiesDelay =; is set in

    + Search engines are added for parsing: Blogsearch and Boardreader, at parsing links by these search engines it is
    recommended to disable filtering by Template, and to disable usage Additive Words
    + Interface is modified a little.
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  2. ipung

    ipung Registered Member

    Mar 28, 2008
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    download link please,...
  3. Botmaster

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    Oct 2, 2007
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    All our customers can download update in their accounts on Botmaster.Net for free.
  4. xu123

    xu123 Junior Member

    Apr 16, 2007
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    lol.....this is like asking Dracula to buy blood from the blood bank, while hes got the leggy blonde doing anything he wants....
  5. Botmaster

    Botmaster Newbie

    Oct 2, 2007
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    Professional fresh software cannot be "for free" ;)