New Update: Starting August Google is Banning Lots of Click Trackers

Lots of trackers / tracking templates have beed flagged by Google Ads, since many years.
Above all, it is better NOT to go as per what Google Ads officially mentions. For example, they will say that "accounts using click trackers for the first time will only be allowed to use certified click trackers in the Tracking Template feature or their ads may be disapproved" and in reality quite the opposite may happen, because their AI based algorithms are now so messed up, so untamable, to the extent that they themselves are unable to program it further to do exactly what they intend it to do.
They have gladly published List of certified Google click trackers (so far).
Yeah, believe all that and get your accounts suspended, inspite of using a tracker from their so called "List of certified Google click trackers".
The best way for success in Google Ads is to use COMMON SENSE combined with ongoing experimentations. Creativity is always an added bonus towards higher monetization.
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