New Unique Content best place to put it?

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    I have enjoyed many page 1 serps for a couple of years now for my main kw and a number of long tails. In fact I was pleasantly surprised with the number of long tails which were ranking page 1. My main KW were always above the fold in positions 1 to 3.

    The domain age is about 5 years old now and this has been a long project for me with all manual link building (web2's and articles ezine and others but all quality stuff) and a few manual blog links some on edu/gov sites.
    I also maintain a single blog which points exclusively at my money site which I update regularly with quality unique content. I have never used automation tools to benefit this site and never would.

    As a result of penguin ( I presume it is this) I have started to lose position on a few of my long tails, one of main KW has gone from page 1 to 2 but others have been unaffected. This has happened over the last week or so and is very unusual.

    My money site is basic and describes my service across about 8 pages (I am a bricks and mortar SME)and I rely upon my blog and article directory links for the juice the site gets.

    Is there anything to be gained by my writing some good unique content and placing it directly within my money site? I ask as I am seeing other sites coming from no where and starting to rank page 1 with little in the way of inbound links but high on content.

    Perversely I am also seeing keyword stuffed sites starting to rank for some of my kw in my niche!! Has anyone else noticed this in theirs?

    Has there been a google log upgrade in the last week or so in the UK? If so is it still 'working through'?

    As always grateful for the views of the community..