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New try to rank in Google. Gambling niche.

Discussion in 'My Journey Discussions' started by labshare, Apr 3, 2016.

  1. labshare

    labshare Newbie

    Nov 22, 2015
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    Hi BHW members.

    After many fails (many mant :D ), i finally try to rank in my native language (French).
    I tried English because i thought it was easier with greater search volume, but article making is longer for me.

    What i've already done?

    5 days ago:

    • WP Site with 6 articles SEO optimized (thanks BHW for advices).
    • Search volume for each keyword: 1.000 to 12.000 searches.
    • No design, no images, i'm looking for someone, i'm not good with design.
    • Site is on Google Search console and google analytics

    Results (today)
    • I'm ranked for 8 keywords (from page 4 to page 10).
    • My sitemap is not totally indexed by google. (2 sitemaps are pending: page sitemap xml and post sitemap xml)
    • Not accepted by adsense. (gambling, even if i don't promote any site or other at this time)

    What i'm planning to do:
    • design and image (seo optimized)
    • finding an ad network paying cpm and cpc if exists, and other ways to monetize in the future
    • finding more KW for new articles
    • finding someone who helps me for design

    My questions :D
    • Will i rank higher when google finished indexing my sitemap?
    • Are English backlinks good (my site is in French). And are the 5$ HQ backlinks from Fivver good?
    • If you have good advices for monetization, i'm hearing because i'm a noob :)

    My conclusions:

    I failed many times, tried many things, but i've read here on BHW many hours.
    And finally, i found that with easy KW it's possible to rank easily. I do my KW research alone now, even if i'm not perfect.
    But an advice for all memebrs is to don't give up, read a lot and don't think like you. Go to a mall, look the people. And try to think like them.

    Once again, great thanks to BHW