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Discussion in 'Ebay' started by Exine, Jun 24, 2013.

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    Hey guys, I've been around these forums for some time and have finally saved up a bit of money to start doing what I've always wanted to do. Wholesale. I am 15 years old and have $200 in start up capital which isn't a lot, but when you have earned it all online, it feels great. Now I know I should wait until I have more to invest into this, however even if I make $50 profit on a batch, that's $50 I have to invest which I didn't have before.

    Now I have found some great Iphone cases on Alibaba from a reputable seller and currently have an invoice for 50 of them, however before I pay and they ship them out I had some questions.

    For starters, I have no feedback on Ebay or Amazon, do I even stand a chance selling an item such as an iphone case? Also following that last question, which service should I go with for selling my items, Ebay or Amazon? Or both :O

    The total order for the 50 cases is $140 - shipping included. Meaning I would have to sell each case for atleast $2.8 to make profit. Not including shipping. I figure I would ship out the case in an envelope and only pay $1 shipping. However how much can I expect to pay for a listing fee on ebay or amazon?

    Also, how do those top dog sellers from China do free shipping on small items such as earphones?

    I have so many questions, it would be great if I could PM someone who is experienced in wholesale and if I could discuss some item ideas I had.

    Anything helps at this time, thanks!
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    You will sell your cases, don't worry about that. Older users are not afraid and some willingly buy from new buyers to help them start their business - just be sure that your listing looks professional!

    I wish you the best of luck gentlemen!
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    Yup, almost exactly what Celestial said. Just make sure to take pictures of the EXACT product you will be sending them.

    As for shipping, shipping in an envelope may not be such a good idea if the cases are very cheap/prone to cracking. Ship them in a padded envelope, but depending on what type of cases you will be selling, an envelope may be fine.

    Usually the top sellers in china have a deal with EMS to get them dirt cheap shipping depending on how much they ship per month. Usually USPS will offer a service like this if you ship a lot of items per month.

    For the 0 feedback, I like to buy at least 5 ebooks to get instant feedback before selling an item. Any more than that isn't really necessary. For your first 20 feedbacks or so, answer as courteously as you can, and just be a good person. People hate having dicks answer their questions. Put your customer first.

    If you need any help, just PM me and I'll be glad to give you my skype for any further questions you may have. I'm 17 and I've been doing this since your age lol. So I know some tips and tricks that you might need later on. :)
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    You made me laugh so hard with this sentence. If it were me I would not buy something that the market is so flooded with. Not a lot of profit doing that.
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    Based on my personal experience, stick with low profit - high volume items (these are usually called Safe Items) until you've accumulated at least $5,000. I waited until I had $10,000, and now I make more than that monthly. LPHV items are things such as cell phone cases, phone bedazzle kits, anything that you can buy a lot of for a small amount and sell for small profit margins. On eBay specifically, this is the way to go. You want to build up to a large volume of monthly transactions, large amounts of feedback, and you will become a TRS if you aren't a tard, and you will be able to build a good solid rapport with eBay, and you can succeed past your monthly selling limits. Then when you go from $3,000 a month in gross sales to $5,000, and then $8,000, and then finally $10,000 - you can do so without any hiccups.

    Also, if I could make a suggestion, invest more than $200 into a variety of inventory. The larger amount you invest, the easier it really is. The problem is with small sellers on eBay is that everyone is trying to turn a couple hundred bucks into thousands and its possible, but it could take several months or even a year and eventually you will wind up making a mistake you financially can not fix or will draw from your investment funds/seed money and that just sets you back. I started with $500 because I made that in 4 days working my 9-5 job so I thought if I lost it, it wouldn't be a big deal and I could recover, and the first 3-4 months was just me trying to turn $500 into $1000. If I had just not been so stubborn and invested maybe $800 or $1,000, I would have saved myself a Lot of time.

    With the help of a mentor, I saved the money up until I had $10,000 because that was generally the "low competition zone" on eBay and most marketplaces where I could establish actual buying agreements with real distributors and get a great deduction in cost, which is the only way to actually stay competitive on eBay. If I buy cell phones from Samsung for example, and my purchase amount is $2,000 then I get maybe 18% off, that alone leaves just enough money for me to buy a couple cell phones and make maybe $200 in profit from eBay. When I bought $10,000 worth of cell phones through Samsung distributors, I was paying 60% of the phones online value leaving me to sell for a price within that 40% margin range, and I could flip x amount of cell phones quickly in one month or less by undercutting the market and being the cheapest verified seller for a specific phone. By the time someone could compete with me price-wise, I had already made all of my money and was walking away from it, leaving the market to become cut-throat to the point where everyone was selling them just to break even.

    Point of my long ass post is that, on eBay, it takes money to make money.
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