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    I've been reading through the forums for quite sometime now and I am planning on starting a website in a niche that I am interested in myself. I am trying plan or map everything out before I start anything and there are a few things that are kind of confusing to me. Now I know I still have a lot to learn but I want to understand every portion thoroughly. I've read about this all throughout the forums but no one really explains the entire process - probably because most people understand it already.

    Can someone confirm with me if this is correct:

    1) With my website I plan on posting a minimum of 1 article or blog a day and I plan on doing all the writing myself. Now, from what I read articles should target a keyword maybe 2-3 times and just make sure not over do it - maybe include some long tailed keywords as well. Also make sure to do on page SEO for each article as well - which includes the title, h1, h2 tags, and even the URL should contain the keyword?

    2) I am going to start with 1 web 2.0 properties just to get my feet wet - lets say on Now I know the idea is that the article on should link back to either my main URL or a sub URL. Do the articles on wordpress have to have the same keywords as my main website?

    3) So lets say if I wrote an article on my main site that had the keyword "best dog foods," the article on should target the same keyword right? So basically if I am to write an article with a keyword - I will need to write at least 2 articles that use the keyword "best dog foods," one for my main site and one for my wordpress site. So if I were to have 5 web 2.0 properties, I should prepare to write 6 articles with the the same keyword. And this is where article spinning is useful but it's also best to try to use unique content for tier 1 2.0 web properties right?

    4) So lets say I am trying to rank for 3 main keywords. So if I am posting at least 1 article or blog a day, does every article or blog target 1 of those keywords? Because doesn't that would mean, in a year, I would end up with over 360 articles that target the same 3 keywords?

    I do know that you can target different long tailed keywords like "where to buy the best dog food" or something like that but either way I will have used the keyword "best dog food" over 120 times. For some reason this just doesn't sound right to me...

    I don't find a problem coming up with new topics to talk about in my niche I'm just confused as to what my articles should target if I am trying to rank well for certain keywords. Or do people target completely new keywords every article they write?

    Sorry about all the questions, I hope I'm not confusing anyone here. I just want to make sure I have the right idea here before I start reading up on other topics.