New to Seo. How do you properly and safely get your money site ranked up higher on Google?


Jul 22, 2013
I have a money site that I am worried about screwing up while trying to get it ranked higher on Google.

When you have a money site, how do you properly go about getting it ranked higher and higher safely?
Well, all types of link building is technically "grey hat".

Having said that, there are lots of ways to do it. You mostly need to worry about not getting porn/casino/pill related links or into those neighborhoods. You can do light comments. You can post in forums. You can submit to directories. You can do a press release.

I'd check out this article for more info:
There is no "proper" way actually. Different things may work for different people. If you want some safety, build your tier 1 links such a way that you can remove those links anytime you want.
There are lots of ways to do it RIGHT, and lots of ways to do it WRONG.

Keep adding great content to your site. The more content the better. You can't have too much.

Build relevant backlinks with great variety in the anchor text. If you keyword is "widgets", then build links with all kinds of anchor text keywords like "Best widget, buy widgets, widget reviews". But make sure you content corresponds with your anchor text links.

Don't be sucked into the 'flavor of the day' SEO services out there. Sure some may give you a boost for a few weeks. Maybe longer. But if you are hoping to build this site long-term, then build take your time and don't take shortcuts.
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